Looking for one of those wine clubs/shops that mail out assorted cases on subscription basis
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Can anyone recommend a wine club mail order company? I'm looking for a gift for someone: one of those subscriptions where you pay money every month/quarter and in return they send you a nice assorted case of wines.

I made a note of a few companies like this a few months ago but I can't find my notes and Google just seems to be turning up clubs where people meet in real life and drink wine. I'm in the DC area in case it's relevant.
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Best answer: In my experience (I've been on the receiving end of a couple of these)--you'll do much better (either in cost, or in quality of wines) if you can find a good wine shop where the person lives and making arrangements for the local shop to deliver a mixed case every month. My and dad have each gotten me one subscription and also one mixed case from a local shop, and the local selections were much better and more varied.

There's a great deal of markup for the selection and shipping--you'll avoid that if you go local.
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We loved belonging to Bella Winery's wine club. But it would be important to know that the person liked that kind of wine, I suppose.
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I belong to Laithwaites wine. Selections have been decent, and for someone who isn't too snobby about their wine, and is kind of lazy about going to the store to buy a case, it's worked out for me. Plus they send tasting notes all set for a nice binder.

But depending on where you live, if a local wine store offers a club, that may be a good way to go, as well.
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We have also used Laithwaites and can recommend them. And also Wall Street Journal Wine.
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If you're going mail order, just make sure the recipient is in a state where it's legal to get wine delivered.
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The boyfriend and I are the recipients of a CHEFS Wine Club subscription and have been really happy with the wine. I'm not a huge snob, but I can tell good from dreck, and the wines have all been good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips everyone. I found a local wine shop which sells a nice pre-selected mixed case every month
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