Help me find a housewarming gift that I can travel with...
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Help me find a housewarming gift that I can travel with...

I'm visiting some friends in a few weeks down in LA--I'll be flying. They recently moved into a new apartment and I'd like to get them a housewarming/thanks-for-having-me gift, and for the life of me I can't come up with anything!!

We're in our mid/late-20's--they are a couple so it would be nice to find something guy-and-girl-appropriate. The first obvious question is "What do they like to do?" They're pretty social and they like to travel; they don't cook much but they do like to drink. I was thinking maybe a nice bottle of absinthe (I would love if someone got me this) but something is telling me that would be a bad idea--this is already going to be a pretty crazy weekend and I don't want to be responsible for any tragedies...! I could do a regular bottle of wine but I feel like I should be able to come up with something better than that--it would be great to get them something for the house that they could look at and remember when/where it came from.

A plant would be my usual go-to but that would be pretty hard to fly with. They eat out a lot so a gift card would be cool but I am not familiar with their area so I wouldn't even know where they would want it to. They have a dog and I know I could get something for it, but I'd rather get something for the HUMANS. Hope I haven't ruled too many things out--hope you guys can come up with some more! :)
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Some kind of lovely tray for them to set and serve their drinks upon? Coasters? Depending on where you are, you can either find locally or via etsy some sort of unique bar accessory that they can use. Be sure that it's something trivial enough that they won't have a hassle hiding it away if it's not really to their tastes, but it's nice to give people something that isn't consumable.
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Are you in an area that boasts a particular kind of cuisine? Perhaps some spices/dry cooking items from that area of the world, in an interesting container that can also work as a countertop container in the kitchen?
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Absinthe isn't LSD. It's just liquor. I had bathtub home-brew absinthe once before it was "legalized" in the US, to no ill effect. The real deal certainly isn't going to cause some sort of "tragedy" as long as it's drunk in moderation. If you'd bring wine or scotch or whatever else, absinthe should be fine.
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Why not visit 1st, see what they need/want, and get it for them?
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seconding sara c's comment. the quantity of absinthe drunk is what'll get you, not the absinthe itself.

your profile doesn't mention where you're from, but i find locally-made gifts tend to be a hit. i usually bring local chocolates or single source honey since it's how we roll in minnesota.
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Have a gift package mailed from Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco, timed to arrive on the same day you do. Their cheese is incredible and you guys will make a great memory when you share it in their new home.
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