I must(ard) find some of this!
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What are your recommendations for a good spicy mustard?

I had a veggie burger in a restaurant some time ago, ordering Ranch dressing instead of mayo. Behold my surprise when the burger instead contained a thin layer of yellow mustard! I tried a bite, and was amazed at the deliciousness, having always thought of mustard as that gross, smelly yellow stuff. It was spicy, but not too hot, and a little tangy. What delicious mustard fulfills this criteria?
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that sounds like Coleman's Mustard, which particularly suited to burgers of all types for reasons I can't quite pin down.
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People will offer you many options here, and I'm sure that they'll all mean well. But the real answer -- the answer you've been looking for -- is Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard. Get twice as much as you think you need; it goes quick. Oh, and, you're welcome.
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I also came in to mention Coleman's. We call it "surprise mustard" in my circle of friends.
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If you are exploring mustard, you must try the King of All Mustards: dijon. Grey Poupon is actually very good, or you could also get Maille. The best, but harder to find outside France, is Fallot.
(Huh. I just googled and amazon has it in the cool metal pail they sell it to tourists in.)
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spicy brown?
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Better than Colman's. This stuff will kick your ass. In the best possible way.
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You probably had some Dijon but really what you want is Maille Old Style whole grain mustard.
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Weber's horseradish mustard is hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighly recommended. It goes well on everything. Everything! but I still can't convince anyone that mustard ice cream is a good idea
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Inglehoffer is my favorite brand--the wasabi horseradish and creamy dill flavors in particular. Check out local gourmet shops for them.

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Amora from France is the KING OF KINGS in the mustard world. Its a dijon, but spicier than anything you can buy at a American Grocery.
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Seconding the Inglehoffer.

I also love those little packets of Chinese mustard. And, last but not least, mustard isn't hard to make, if you want to go that route.
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You need Gulden's!
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Nancy's Hot and Spicy Mustard. It's not really that hot, but it's really, really good.
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Sorry, it's Nance's Sharp and Creamy Mustard, available here.
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Woeber's Sweet and Spicy is my daily go to mustard. Great on sandwiches and big soft pretzels. You really can't go wrong with the Inglehoffer or the Grey Poupon as well.
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For a Dijon, I like Trader Joe's branded French import better than Poupon or Maille. But there's a wasabi-like kick to English style I really enjoy on top of a burger.
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Go with Colmans, but select Colmans Mustard Powder. It's the easiest way to go with the "roll your own" route recommended by box upthread. Toss in a pinch, add water, stir. For a headier concoction, substitute "tablespoon" for "pinch."
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As a loyal British Columbian, I must tell you that Mark's Mustard (available online!) is excellent stuff. If you want hot but not too hot, I'd go with the medium.
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If you become stumped, I highly suggest that you poke around the Mustard Museum, either in person or online, for all of your mustard needs.

But seriously, you want Maille Old Style Whole Grain, it is the mustard of rich people, gods and Zingerman's customers.
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Rayes is the last stone ground mustard in North America!
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Oh yeah, totally thirding the Maille suggestion. I thought I didn't like mustard until I got a delicious smear of that stuff.
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Pommery Moutarde de Meaux is expensive, but my absolute favorite. Endorsed by no less than Brillat-Savarin!
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I'm not quite sure how you expected this to work? Call the restaurant and ask! On the other hand there are some excellent mustard's included here.
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I love mustard of all kind, on everything. My husband got me into dipping french fries in mustard, among other things. I would suggest, since you are new to mustard, go to Trader Joe's if you can and buy a variety and try them all! Horseradish mustard, sweet and hot, dijon, Russian (HOT!), etc.
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Step 1: Go to Gent, Belgium.
Step 2: Pick up the one of the oldest, most damnably delicious mustards in the entire universe.
Step 3: Nom.

Warning: may be hotter than you're looking for.
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Make your own! I've always liked mustard, but you can monkey around with this as a base recipe until the cows come home to make it into what you want.

I usually add some brown sugar, or some more honey to mellow it out a bit. I'm waiting for a batch of stout based mustard to set up and mellow out that was made just last week.

Aw geeze, now i'm hungry.
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Seconding Raye's mustard - it's made in the traditional way and they have a ton of flavors. If you are ever in far eastern Maine you can stop by their small factory and get a tour and speak to the owners who are very nice and are the descendants of the original founders. (Full disclosure: I have a distant family connection to them, but no financial connection.)
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I like Kosciusko as a "daily" mustard. Slightly tangy and spicy.
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Were you in Cleveland? If so, you may have been eating Stadium Mustard - so good, they sell it at the airport.
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Beaufor is a perfectly nice made-in-France mustard available at some stores in my area, and surprisingly less expensive for an imported one.

It's all a matter of taste, of course, and one of the other ones above may suit you better. The Maille honey mustard is nice, too. (Maille is actually made in Canada now, fwiw.)
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The latest issue of consumer reports actually has a taste test for mustards.. yeah you heard that right ( Consumer reports knew the question before you even asked).
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Philippe's Hot Mustard
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the recommendations! I'll see what I can find this weekend, and let you know how it goes.
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It isn't bright yellow, but the flavor profile is similar and it's available in mass market stores: Inglehoffer Spicy Brown is pretty decent stuff for sandwiches.
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I'd just like to say this thread caused me to try some new mustards and wow, Kosciusko is the yum. Thanks waitangi!
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Sorry, late to the game. However, Trader Joe's Dijon mustard probably fits your criteria. It's surprisingly strong for a store brand mustard.
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