Will we get heckled if we kiss at the Ara Pacis?
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How gay-friendly are Rome, Naples, and Capua?

My same-sex partner and I will be visiting family near Capua soon. We're both Americans who grew up in the upper Midwest, where the advisability of kissing in public changes wildly from township to township. We're planning on doing some touristy stuff in Rome, where we'll be getting a hotel - can we expect the hotel staff to not be weird about us wanting one bed? More generally, what can we expect in Rome, Naples, and Capua?
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I've been around Rome, Pisa & Florence with my husband as part of a large gay cruise. We had no problems, but we weren't overtly romantic with each other in public. When we're travelling we always try and find "gay friendly" accommodation to avoid exactly the problems you're worried about and to support the local gay community. The internet is your friend.
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Rome is fairly cosmopolitan, and I don't think you'll get heckled in the city center. That said, it's no San Francisco.


I would be more cautious in Naples (be more cautious of everything in Naples! It's beautiful, but just keep your wits about you) and triple-cautious about gay PDA in rural Campania.

Also, I don't know your gender but a lot of stuff that "reads" gay male in North America (men kissing each other's cheeks, walking arm in arm, wearing tight pants and silken shirts, plucking their eyebrows, etc) doesn't signify gay in Italy. FWIW.

Have a great time!
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