RRRRAAAAWWWWRy Birthday to you, RRAAAAAAWWRY birthday to you
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Help me find the perfect birthday gift for a fan of cryptozoology and spooky things!

It's my boyfriend's birthday soon and I have somehow developed a reputation for giving really thoughtful gifts. Which I am kicking myself for now, because I am at a total loss. Relevant details:

-He is very much into swamp-based creepy horror. Nothing gory, but he loves the foggy, spooky atmosphere. Also: Bigfoots(feet?), lake monsters, etc. The downside is that he already owns every movie and book on the subject I could possibly think of.
-Related to that, he has watched every netflix-ready documentary out there debunking the chupacabra and its pals sasquatch, Champ, etc. He doesn't *believe* that they exist, he gets a huge kick out of watching these generally poorly produced shows on the subject.
-He has other interests, of course, but this one is the most 'out there.' We're moving in together next week. Combined we have the general housewaresy things, but if you happen to have a relevant idea there, awesome!!! It doesn't have to be cryptozoology-esque. But I want him to know that I don't expect him to hide or suppress his interests because we're going to be sharing the same space. We have talked about that aspect of living together a lot, but I think the right gift would go a long way towards showing that (so, uh, no pressure guys).

If it could somehow be themed with this six inch taxidermied alligator head I already have for him, that would be ideal, but not required (it's hard to theme things with animal heads, I know).

Otherwise: early 30s, male, avid biker, amateur chef, film score buff in Washington, DC.

spoiler alert for future questions, we're also adopting a kitty.....
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What about setting up a scavenger/treasure hunt for him in a spooky location? Or if you don't want to go outside, do it at home. You can hide little themed gifts around, and end with the creepy gator head.
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Best answer: Would a Swamp Thing poster or Fox Mulder poster work?

Decorate his cake with monsters? Goofy shirt?
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What's your budget?

I did a search on Etsy and they had quite a bit of Bigfoot stuff: some pretty cool, others not so much. I think I might get this shirt for my husband.
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He is very much into swamp-based creepy horror.

Perhaps a My Little Cthulhu?
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Best answer: A subscription to Fortean Times magazine? Lots of talk about Bigfoot and other cryptids there.
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More cute than creepy: Nessie tshirt
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Kraken shower curtain!
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It sounds like something from Evolution may fit his aesthetic. Maybe a piranha, or a turtle skeleton?
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Yeah, seconding the Fortean Times subscription.
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A friend got a Teddy Scares figure for his birthday, which was cute and sorta scary. Might work. Or a weird funny Honey Island Swamp Monster print, perhaps?

I don't think Cat Grey is selling her art right now, but you might want to keep an eye on Morbid Tendencies for future reference.
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I think Bitter Old Punk tweeted this last week. I don't know if you can buy one, though.
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There is a set of plastic crytpo/spooky toys: Flatwoods Monster vs. Mothman. You can find them on eBay very affordably. I am a similar character (titillation not belief) and I love mine.

Also check out subjects of interest at art.com. I got some great UFO art there.
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Strange Life: A sourcebook of the mysteries of organic nature. compiled by William R. Corliss

Amazon. (I dunno, looks like it has been retitled, or a new edition from what I have; mine has a relief image of a unicorn).

Which contains many gems; such as portions of this paper (On The Existence of Unicorns) by LATERRADE, J.F. in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE 1:21:123-126, 1832. PROOF!1
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ahh, it is actually the same thing,copy I am holding is just the 1976 edition (and the one there has the same unicorn on the cover, just different placing [new edition looks really expensive, used, much more reasonable]); it is neat because it is a small binder, with 3 ringed insert printed sheets, looking like a reference manual Fox Mulder would be proud to have on his bookshelf in his office; the sort of thing that just looks like the sort of thing that a real* cryptozoologist would have to hand as they were tromping through the undergrowth, or pushing aside the fronds to get closer to the swamp, seeking the "last of the dinosaurs": Anonymous; nature, 5:192, january 4, 1872...

Also; "Why do Worms Die?": Friend, Hilderic; nature, 107:172, april 7, 1921
THE middle of March saw the slaughter of millions of worms. Morning by morning the pavements, roads, and pathways were strewn with the dead. Great and small, young and old, of every known species and genus, from Lumbricus to Dendrobæna, lay prone. Even if they were able to reach the pasture, lawn, or grass-plot alive, they had not the power to burrow and recuperate. What caused their death? I have asked the question for thirty years, but have never found the answer.
*for values of real relating to cryptozoology (there are some really old things dug up in ancient journals, but also more modern things, some bizarre, some fairly ridiculous, all fun).
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Not exactly up his alley, but related and certainly unique: some of these miniature sculptures my friend makes look like skeletons of unknown critters.
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(Don't know what your budget is, but you can get the Collector's Edition used...may be even cheaper on ebay.)
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The Spy Museum in DC has some interesting gifts that might be what you are looking for.
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I notice you're in Washington DC - see if he has this book on Maryland Bigfoot sightings.
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Cool, Mr. Arkham just finished writing a paper on chupacabra for his Latin American Folklore class. I'm always looking for Cryptozoology gifts for him. This Etsy seller has cute stuff. And Archie McPhee is always a classic.

I have an awesome Crypto t-shirt I bought at last year's DC Holiday Market, but can't recall the seller. I'll try to remember to check tonight...
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I really like this Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club shirt.
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Does he know about West Virginia's Mothman? There's a terrible documentary of the style you say he likes available on Netflix streaming too.
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Does he have any of the Weird US books? If you scroll down to "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought..." you'll note that there are many state-specific versions and at least two devoted to the US as a whole.
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The Kraken Shower Curtain is out of stock! (sob)...
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Oh, and if for some reason he doesn't have it, the Whole Earth Catalog Fringes of Reason is wonderful. It's out of print, so you need to go used, and it's really skeptical, and it covers all kinds of stuff, not just swamp monsters, but it's fascinating.
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There's an electronic edition available, so you can see what you think. Maybe just a little too outdated? But awesome bathroom reading.
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