EDM music in Holland this summer
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Piggybacking on the question below, what are some EDM music shows and festivals worth seeing in Holland / Europe this summer?

I'm going to be in Holland from June 15th - August 20th this summer and I'm quite looking forward to the prevalence of EDM (electronic dance music) overseas. What are some festivals either in Holland or nearby that are worth checking out? I would like to get my tickets before they are sold out if they aren't already.

Additionally, are there any venues in Holland with regular shows that are worth checking out?

While I do enjoy all types of EDM more or less, trance music is my favorite genre FWIW.

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And a sub question:
Is Sensation Amsterdam worth attending? It seems that the tickets are already sold out so the only tickets I can find are $200+, which seems to be over the value I place on attending (unless you tell me otherwise). Furthermore, are there any places to find tickets for Sensation that aren't marked up 100%?
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Unfortunately you'll just miss the Ground Zero Festival (in June) and Mysteryland (in August). However, Dance Valley is on August 6 in Spaarnwoude (near Amsterdam), and there may be other Q-Dance and ID&T events that you'd be interested in.
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Well, one of the biggest and most respected electronic music festivals in Europe is just after you arrive - Sonar (16 - 18 June, though the evening stuff is 17 - 18 only). It's in Barcelona though, so it depends what your definition of "nearby" is.
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