Help identifying harrassing telemarketers in Canana?
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How do I find the "Out of area" telemarketer who is calling me in Canada?

I got a call this morning from a telemarketer (I am on a no call list) who had customer information about me (name, address, etc.). I think he was calling on behalf of Bell Canada (they call despite the no-call list), but he refused to identify who he was calling for. I asked to be put on a no-call list. His response was "Why?" This pissed me off and I hung up. He immediately called back, so I told him to put me on the no-call list or I would report him. He dared me to report him, then asking me if I had ever been to university and suggested I was, in fact, illiterate. (Interesting sales technique.) I hung up again. He called again and I let the machine get it.

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive here, but I would like to get these calls to stop. Is there a Bell Canada number I can call to get the last call that came in traced?
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First check out,, and the like to make sure they're really from Bell.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, I do not have the number of who is calling, and he would not identify himself.

I suspect this is a company calling on behalf of Bell Canada.

If I call Bell directly, will it somehow erase who last called?
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The best you can hope for is to call Bell and ask them to confirm that you're on the do-not-call list. However, if you're already on the list, and if this caller did happen to be calling on behalf of Bell, they'll surely deny the whole event. There won't be much to be gained in this case.

I strongly suspect, though, that they're not calling on behalf of Bell at all (especially given the attitude displayed), but are merely pretending to do so in order to extract money or passwords from you in some way. Seriously, this sort of thing is so common that you shouldn't really be suspecting Bell's involvement in any way.
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Response by poster: I have no password to give out. Previously I have received such calls from a company contracted by Bell, who recently got busted by the CRTC for calling despite the Do-Not-Call-List and fined $1.3 million. It sounded like the same call content and pattern.
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Call your provider and report abusive calling. They probably abuse lots of people; if the provider gets enough complaints, they might take action.
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Response by poster: Thanks theora55 and matlock expressway. I contacted Bell to ensure the telemarketer did not sign me up for services I didn't want. I also sent a complaint by email to Bell Canada.

As it was an out-of-area (out of country) call, it looks like I am SOL when it comes to getting the number (*69 couldn't deliver).

Their annoy the crap out of customers and violate Canadian law policies make me wonder just who the idiots are who sit on the board at Bell Canada.
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There's a list of people Who Can Still Call You. If you've had any service from Bell within the last 18 months, they can still call you.
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