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Webb based application for allowing visitors to record sound onto my server?

I'd like to set up a function on a project web page, allowing people to use their computer microphones to record voice messages, which are then stored on my server (accessible only by me)

I imagine that there are simple solutions to this, but I can't seem to find anything beyond VOIP software and such. Non-flash if I can get it, flash if I have to.
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If you have some kind of large scale need, ie, your business, you might talk to the guys at http://www.rememberedvoices.com/index.asp
They're in their second year and already have a lot of varied clients who are contracting with them for voice recording/storage. If you're doing something just for yourself go on and email them for ideas. They're very accessible people - and I oughta know, the CEO is my brother!
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Google sound recorder applet.
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Nanogong is an open source java applet that lets users record in-page and upload wavs (I think). It may do what you're looking for.
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Flash does this easier and better than anything else i know of and if you are worried about it not showing up in IOS i don't think java solutions will work either.
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Google Voice might have been an option, but not available outside of US.

The functionality of Nanogong is straightforward and what I need, but doesn't seem to have an option of saving on a server, only locally.

I was hoping to get something to work with iOS, but perhaps I'll just get a Skype Call-In for people on smartphones. Or are there better solutions for iOS y'think?

Googling "sound recorder applet" sure delivers a lot of hits; having trouble sifting through the tons of crap, but will give it another go after sleep.

Henry Scobia: Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to mention you should I contact them, but it's a small art project so that might be overkill. Interesting angle on their website though.
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I found this: http://vimas.com/mp3.php which does what I want at a cost of $400, some ugly social video things like this http://www.blipback.com and seemingly perfect already hosted solutions which nevertheless don't seem to actually work: http://www.voice-it.biz/

I don't think my hosting company would allow java apps to run (have to check) and even so I haven't found anything straightforward. Using a Flash front and Red5 in lieu of FMS still stumbles on the Java thing, as well as my apparent inability to find a frontend…

So the search continues. Still taking suggestions…
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MS or no MS, I'm going with Skype CallIn with voicemail. Not as nice, but will have to suffice.
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