Plumbing filter: are all "one hole" kitchen faucets the same size (diameter)?
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Plumbing filter: are all "one hole" kitchen faucets the same size (diameter)?

Our kitchen faucet is an old Moen with the following characteristics: one hole/no deck plate/pull down/low arc/handle and faucet are one piece. It needs to be replaced.

If I just go on Amazon and buy a Moen faucet that has the same characteristics as listed above, will I be OK? I am worried that the diameter won't be the same and the hole in my countertop will be too big/too small. In the various specs that they list on the Moen website, nothing seems to address diameter - making me think maybe they are all the same.

Also - some say 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch connection. Does that matter for me swapping out an older one?

I am going to pay a plumber to do the swap, but I would prefer to buy the fixture myself. Thanks
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The holes are all the same size. The connection sizes is about what size you'll need for the lines that connect the faucet to the valves (so you may need to buy new ones if those are a different size from your current one, but those are cheap).
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Switching out a faucet is one of the easiest things to do around the house. If possible, I encourage you to do it yourself. Good learning experience + you'll save some money.
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Thanks - I normally would like to try, but for 3 factors:

1. The under-the-sink space has terrible headroom, hard to get in there.

2. The connections between the copper pipes and the lines to the faucet seem to be soldered on - can't just unscrew them.

3. If I get it halfway apart and can't get it back together, I will then be calling for an emergency plumber.
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You can buy a cheap tool to cut the copper pipes, and then you buy adaptors (with valves if you don't have any yet under the sink) that you will 'screw' over the pipes (they seal themselves automatically, but don't tight them too much!), then you'll have threads to screw your (new flexible) lines to (sorry I can't find a picture right now).
As for headroom, I think it's terrible under every sink!
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