A liquid eyeliner that will stay. put.
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I'm looking for a black liquid eyeliner that will STAY PUT! FOR HOURS!! and not spread about. I'm kinda happy with my $9 Revlon ColorStay liquid eyeliner, but my skin oils begin to smudge the eyeliner after a few hours. I'm willing to splurge, but I'd like to narrow down my options. I can't splurge on several $20 eyeliners before finding the right one. Help?
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Response by poster: I'm hoping for just one product, not eyeliner + gel + primer + this + that, please.
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I like Smashbox Jet Set gel liner myself, but Sephora's reviews are a good start for reviews and recommendations (scroll down for the liquid liners).

See also MakeupAlley's product reviews.
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Would you consider a pencil? Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil applies like a cream, but then sets after a few minutes to nearly indelible. It sharpens really well and you can smudge it before it sets if you're into the whole smoky eye thing.
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Is the ColorStay liquid liner a waterproof formula like their ColorStay pencils?

I've never had good luck wearing waterproof liquid liner; because they require an oil/makeup remover of some sort to be removed, they seem susceptible to skin oils. Unless there's a specific reason why you want waterproof liner, you may want to switch over to a regular formula and see if it works better for you.
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Just wanted to point out Sephora's generous return policy, in case you didn't already know about it. They pretty much take anything back for a full refund. That is, go ahead and try $20 eyeliners until you find one that works for you - you don't have to get stuck with them.

(I like the UD 24/7 pencil too, btw.)
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Have you considered a gel eyeliner? I've use the long wear gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown for years and it stays on ALL day (plus one little pot lasts forever). All you need is the eyeliner and a good brush to put it on with. I don't like pointy brushes, I use an older, smaller version of this brush from Benefit.
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I'm a fan of Tokidoki's Perfetto eyeliners. I was put off by the cutesy packaging, but I find the pen style super-easy to use and it seems to stay in place forever (and this is coming from someone who found UD's eye pencils smudgy and runny after a few hours).
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After being somewhat surprised to see enough make-up artists, buried up to their eyeballs in Mac and pricier 'pro' options, whip out good old fashioned Maybelline Ultra-Liner for the job, I switched many years ago and haven't been disappointed. I have stupendously oily skin, and I gotta say - it stays put. Actually, it's probably the ONLY thing on my face that stays put. In fact, it can be rather a pain in the ass to get OFF (yes, I do use the waterproof variety). Do give it a shot - it certainly won't break the bank.
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another testimony for the amazing staying power of waterproof Maybelline Ultra-Liner
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Sephora has sample kits, where you get 8 or 10 different brands for like $30. I swear I've seen one with black eyeliner in the last few months.
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Urban Decay 24/7 liner lasts on my upper lash line, but disappears on my waterline. The only thing that lasts for me is gel eyeliner set with eyeshadow. Setting it with eyeshadow is essential, though it does add an extra step which I see you're trying to avoid.

I use Maybelline gel eyeliner, which you can get for about $6 on sale/with a coupon, but Clinique's cream liner, Mac's fluidline, and Bobbi Brown's gel liner are all supposed to be very good.
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I like Benefit's Babe Cake eyeliner (with the bent eyeliner brush). It is not waterproof but nevertheless stays on very well and goes on easily. The brush is magic. It always looks great, unlike others that I have to redo sometimes if I'm not careful.

I also like the Urban Decay pencils that elsietheheel mentions.

And Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner also goes on easily and wears well.

I bought a Sephora brand eyeliner brush that looks like the Benefit one and it's not as fine -- the Benefit one is worth the price.
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Back when I wore this sort of thing, I had AMAZING luck with regular (non gel) maybeline. Or maybe it was revlon? I'll memail you and check on the exact type the next time I go to the store. Hours of clubbing and the stuff stayed perfect all night.

I'm not sure what this fancy gel formula thing is about, but I reckon that's your issue. Back in the day (like 40's movie star days) liquid eyeliner was a solid cake, you wet the brush (kinda like water colors) dabbed in the cake and applied. You need that kind of staying power if your lids are oily.
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I am a big fan of Clinique's creamy eye liner pencils. They really stay put and give a great subtle smokey look. Check out the cream shaper for eyes on this page, or if you really re in love with liquid liners, their quickliner on the same page..
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I'm actually quite fond of Sephora's house brand. It's great if you like a very sharp look (as opposed to smokey) as once it sets, it's there for the day.
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I like to use MAC Fluidline. A good idea would be to go to Sephora, and try it out yourself. Or any other liquid eyeliners and see which one works best for you without having to buy them.
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If your skin is oily it's going to be difficult to make anything stick. What you need to do is make sure your upper eyelid is powdered down with loose powder before you apply the eyeliner, and then powder again after you apply the liner.

Twice a day, I blot my face with one ply of a tissue, smooth any eyeshadow creases etc. with my finger, and powder again. I also carry a small lash comb for the aftermath.

I think the longest-lasting solution for you would be to take a black pressed powder eyeshadow, dip an eyeliner brush into water, and draw the line that way. It is not easy to find a true black pressed powder, the only one I have came from Fashion Fair over a decade ago. Not sure who might have one now.
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i am also a fan of the bobbi brown long wear gel liner. i have about half a dozen colors. they're fabulous.
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Um, I bought some NYC Liquid Eyeliner at Target for about $2.50. It's amazing. I have to scrub to get it off and I use lots of oil on my face (I do the oil cleansing method and use Vitamin E under my eyes at night. Needless to say, my face is somewhat slippery). The only complaint I have is that the brush is quite thin, so if you do big cat eyes, then you may need to have more patience than I do and/or get something else.

Seriously, $2.50!
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From my answer in that thread:
blinc and Wet N Wild both make great waterproof liquid eyeliner that does not move. Sometimes the Wet N Wild flakes a bit, especially if it's been 12+ hours since you applied, but it's 1/6 the cost of blinc.
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Another vote for MAC Fluidline here, but note that you won't be able to get any MAC products at Sephora.
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MAC Fluidline is a pretty great gel eyeliner, but their Liquidline liquid liner is bulletproof.
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Yeah, Mac Liquidlast Liner doesn't budge for god or man. Or makeup remover.
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For everyday wear, I prefer Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil. For occasions when liquid liner is required, though, I use Makeup Forever's Aqua Liner. Dance performances under hot lights do nothing to make this so much as smudge. IMO, it's worth the $23.
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The blinc is amazing. It does not smudge, and I have tried just about everything else and managed to smudge those. Try it at a Sephora and check it out the next day when you wake up with perfect eyeliner still on.
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I'll nth the MAC Fluidline. It's really great and has amazing staying power.

I'll also suggest the L'Oreal HIP gel eyeliner. You can find it at most drugstores and Target.

I've worn the L'Oreal for quite a while, and love it, but had to switch to the MAC black because my eyes became sensitive to something in the L'Oreal black. Now I wear brown and have no problems.
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Another vote for the various MAC liquid liners here. I've had very good results with the Penultimate liner myself, which is fantastic and super-easy to use since it's basically just a marker that you draw on your face with. (It's actually pretty difficult to remove, to be honest.) As a rule, MAC is pretty pricey, but they're also good with returns if it just ends up not working for you. Plus, you can always try it at the counter (they have disposable applicators behind the displays) and see how it works before buying.

Pencil-wise, Urban Decay 24/7 liners are great, and allow for smudging. Same with the Tarina Tarantino liners. Also, this goes a bit more into multiple product territory, but I have horrendously oily lids, and LITERALLY the only thing that keeps my makeup from turing into a greasy stripe in my crease is Urban Decay Primer Potion. I don't know how I ever went without it!
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Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Moisturize your hands and then go to town at Sephora. Paint as many different brands on the backs of your hands and see formula, thickness, and wear-ability for the day. Their Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid liner also looks good.
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Urban Decay 24/7 pencils smudge like crazy on me after a little while and they're not that precise. I love black liquid liner and have had a lot of trial and error not only finding one where the black means black and not dark gray (especially over eyeshadow) and stays put.

Like Phire, I use the Sephora brand. It's also got the best applicator brush I've tried. Very easy to be precise with it and build up a line if necessary into the proper shape. Apparently, they've redesigned the packaging. I have yet to try the new one, so no idea if/how it differs.
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Ben Nye cake eyeliner lasts me about 8 hours (without setting product) and I like the control that using a real brush gives.
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As Phire says, the Sephora-brand liquid stuff is very, very long-lasting. Since I'm terrible at remembering to wash my face before bed, I can attest that it will in fact last up to two days looking perfectly fine. Maybe more. Ahem.
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MAC makes a black eyeshadow. I use that with a wet angled eyeliner brush to paint it on.
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I can't believe anyone is recommending the UD 24/7 pencils -- they're the only UD product I've hated. I can't get them to draw ON me at all -- the color just stays there in the pencil. It's bizarre.

To the original question, I recommend Smashbox's cream eyeliner, or even better, their waterproof eyeliner. The latter does not move on me for a whole day. They have a really great smudger brush that I use to apply it when I want a thick smooth line.
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I use the NYC liquid liner that mrfuga0 recommends, but recently when I had a very long international flight I played with some others in the duty free area and the one that shocked me with longevity (23 hours of travel including naps and plane stuff) was the Shiseido Fine Line Automatic Eyeliner. It has a felt tip brush and was really smooth and dark and lasted soooooooo long. I think I ma going to get some when my cheapo stuff runs out.
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You want the black liquid liner from The Body Shop. It's more like a Sharpie than a brush and you can get a really, really precise line from it. My Cuban sisters in Miami (who know a thing or two about liner) taught me to use that brand ... and it held up during outrageously humid Miami summers. Also, I have tried the Revlon brand, and though it is a few dollars cheaper, it is substantially inferior to The Body Shop's.
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