Email nofifications not working in Google Calendar.
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After three great years my Google Calendar has simply stopped sending me email notifications. I have tried the help page here and many unhelpful forum posts here. This seems to be a prevalent problem. I wish I could switch to something else but Gmail is what I use heart and soul for work. Any others solved this problem? I am all ears. Thanks for your time.
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You could start a new gmail account and forward messages to your preferred account.
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Maybe enable SMS notifications and have them forwarded to your email?
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For Firefox: Tools > Clear Recent History > Details, and check - at a minimum - the Cookies and Cache boxes, and set the time range to Everything.
For IE: Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing History > Delete, and check Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History.
For Chrome: Wrench icon > Options > Under the Hood > Clear Browsing Data, check "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site data".
(I'm sure other browsers have a similar function)

While I've never experienced trouble with Calendar, every once in a while I have to do that to get my Gmail page to load properly.
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I just got a notice of this change to how Google calendar sends notifications in my Gmail window yesterday. Could this be causing your problem?
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Ack, well, that's invitations, not notifications, so maybe not. :/
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I'm watching this thread, been having similar troubles, not just with email notifications but also SMS notifications. Really annoying; having entered everything in, would hate to have to re-invent the wheel, and, like you, I'm fairly invested in gmail and voice etc
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Hmmm...thanks for the input. Nothing is really working. I will have to find another web-based calendar service, I think. I am terrible with looking in a daily planner.
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I've found a hopefully brief workaround. I've been using">mymemorizer for email notifications via calendar. It works perfectly. Still, I then plugged in a test email on my Google Calendar that says Google Calendar WORKS! and marked it to email every day so if/when Google starts working, I will hopefully get that email, and use Google again. But for now, this other site works.
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Yes, my html sucks today. Sorry.
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I'd been watching this thread hoping for a solution, but yesterday I spent some more time searching through Google help threads of people with the same problem, and found this suggested approach which worked for me.... I got several test email notifications yesterday and today got my 5am daily agenda for the first time since January.

- In the list of calendars on the left of the screen, click on the little arrow next to the calendar name and select 'Notifications'.

- Click on 'Remove' on whatever default Event Reminders are there.

- Click Save. This will close the settings window. (Some suggest exiting the browser window completely at this point, but I didn't ...)

- Go back in to 'Notifications' and create new default Reminders.

- Click Save.

- Also add a filter for address calendar-notification(at) to never go to spam. My calendar email certainly weren't going to spam, but this can't hurt.

Hope this helps!
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