Where to get boulder. Where.
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Where can I get a giant boulder? (4-foot diameter minimum)

I need it for my yard. Just want to have a big rock that nobody can move. Nothing illegal. I can find a lot of small rocks, but people can pick those up, or roll them around in my yard.
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Doesn't have to be local to central Ohio but that's where my yard is.
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A quarry, no?
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Ohio valley landscape boulders 240.00 per Ton.
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Google "stone yard", you should be able to find someone who has what you need (and you don't just need the rock, you need someone with the machinery to place it where you want it).
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We bought ours from a local stone landscaping place, I think even here in Northern California that rock was about $240 per ton, delivered (but it ranged to $600 per ton, like the stones we used for our walk). They delivered it on a flatbed truck with a big-ass forklift, the guy did an amazing job of moving it to where I wanted it, we did the last few inches (alignment with a walk edge) with 2x4s for levers, shoveling dirt under it to hold it there.
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A four foot radius granite sphere weighs about two and a half tons. ($600)
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Landscapers will usually have them and also check for stone yards and possibly brick yards. Expect to pay for delivery, you don't want to even think about trying to haul one of these yourself.
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I don't want to be able to move it myself. If I can push it, that means someone else could push it, like a kid, and they could get hurt.
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A four foot radius granite sphere weighs about two and a half tons. ($600)
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Correction: that's a four foot diameter.
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So Googling "central ohio stone landscaping" pullled up a number of web sites that looked like they were associated with the sorts of places you're looking for. Go to one of them and wander through the yard.

Our landscape designer made a big deal of "the guy she used for stones", but when we went to talk to these places they said "yeah, go walk through the yard, tell us which one you want, dig a little hole so it'll sit in it, we'll deliver it", so that's what we did. My only challenge (and the reason we had to lever it a few inches) was that I have a berm that made it hard to get the forklift any closer.

And, yeah: Two and a half tons can be moved a little with levers, but the kids won't be rolling it around your yard for kicks.

Go talk to your stone yard.
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