What do you call a sweater with thumb holes?
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I need help identifying a sweater style. Please help me name this sweater so I can find it and buy it!

Not too long ago, I saw a woman wearing a sweater that had what I can best describe as "thumb holes"! The sleeves of the sweater were quite long, and had a deliberate hole at the end of the sleeve through which your thumb could be hooked.
I love really long sleeves on my sweaters, and I thought that a place to hook my thumb through was absolutely brilliant.
Unfortunately, I was unable to ask her where she got it, and the question has plagued me since. I have also been unsuccessful in my google searches for this style, so I turn to you, my faithful green, for help.
Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Something like this?
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I think "thumb holes" is the correct terminology. I have a bunch of thermals from JC Penney with those, and while I can't find them on the website, the do have this jacket with "thumbhole detail."
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Best answer: This etsy seller makes something similiar:
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Best answer: Yeah, thumb loops or thumb holes. You'll see 'em on a lot of athletics-focused brands like LuLuLemon and Icebreaker.
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I recently bought a Woolrich brand fleece sweater with thumb holes, and I also own a BMW (Yes, that BMW) thermal underwear top with thumb holes. Outdoors outfitters may be your best bet to find sweaters with this feature.
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Best answer: I love thumbholes too. If you want something lightweight and inexpensive, Delia's has thumbhole tees.
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I just got a cardigan with thumb holes at Uniqlo.
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Response by poster: You guys ROCK! I marked as best answers the ones I am going to buy. Thanks so much!
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I findthem random places. My favorite is a hoodie from walmart, but I also find them I'm the junior section of target sometimes.
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I have a couple sweaters from Mountain Hardwear with thumb holes. They call them thumb loops on their website.
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Lands' End put them into the sleeves of children's jackets; we ordered a couple of them this past year.
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