Sweet Camping Gear?
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I am looking for some sweet camping gear to give as a gift to my new bride. The only catch is that we already have most of the basics. Looking for something she/we can really use and would make a great gift.
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What type of camping do you do? Backpacking, RV camping, etc?
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What do you have? Is this backpacking-camping or car camping?
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Response by poster: Backpack Camping, sorry. We do a lot of pioneer camping, but also camp from the car on some occasions.
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You gotta give a little more than that. Are you talking car camping, serious backcountry? Are you east coast/west coast? How often do you go? How long do you go for? What does she have already?

Does she have a camp pillow? What about a good pair of chacos for around camp? Do you fish while you are hiking?

Do you have a good pad? What about a crazy creek to go with your pad?


New pack?
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Trekking poles are really nice to have, most people who just dabble don't have them.

I'm a big fan of black diamond.
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Response by poster: I was intentionally broad to try and capture a wide variety of ideas, but here goes:

Most camping occurs on the East Coast, but we venture all over. We both have great packs, shoes, and a tent. She has a good pad, poles, and a headlamp. We do not fish while hiking.
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What about a nice hammock for two? Your profile doesn't say where you are from but what about snow shoes for both of you? If you live where it snows.
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A good reference card on knot tying?
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How about a Jetboil?
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Best answer: Has she got a good ceramic water-filter/pump? It's safer than using iodine to purify your water, and the water tastes wonderful (cold and really clean).
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binoculars are a great gift!
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my previous link wasn't very good -- I was talking about something like this
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My brother bought me a very cool windup light/radio/distress siren/phone charger. It doesn't take batteries (hence the windup) and so far we have used the light and radio features around the house as well. He bought this in Australia but I'm sure you'll be able to find one where you are.
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I should add in case it's not clear, this is a four in one unit. Quite small.
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It's such a tiny thing, but if she (and you) don't already have several p-38s, I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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If you both really do a lot of backpacking, nothing says I love you like "Let's take a WFR course together." Also, if its in the future, ehm... a baby backpack...
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Response by poster: We have been talking about getting a water filter. Great suggestion. The hammock and jet boil look pretty sweet also!

We would love to do a WFR course, but the $500+ price tag (each) is more than I can spend on a gift right now.
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Since it's a wedding, I recommend something classic and keepsake. Buy her a quality compass. I own the Iris 50 and love it, but perhaps you could find something classier, with a leather lanyard or nice case. Bonus if you can get it engraved.

Other than that, I think anything that could potentially be used to save your lives would be incredibly romantic. Perhaps you should get a GPS-integrated EPIRB, an incredible survival knife (so long as you aren't superstitious), etc.
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My husband bought me a Fenix TK30 flashlight for walking the dog at oh-god-thirty in the morning. It's really bright; birds that fly through the beam fall from the sky fully cooked.* The TK30 is maybe a bit big for backpacking but Fenix makes some very good compact models.

* Ok, not really.
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Good, light sleeping pads, the jetboil or another sweet stove or even just some really nice cookware, those pricey but lightweight things that are either better versions or small luxuries are the things I can think of.

But good christ yes, if you don't have a good water filter, what the hell? Get one. I like the Katydyn hikers because they're pretty cheap, very effective, and pump pretty quickly.
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Great selections of compasses here: http://www.stanleylondon.com/sextcomp.htm
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Response by poster: Ok, I think I have it now. I am going to get her a nice lantern (we always get caught in the dark before making camp) and a good water filter. I will pick up any other suggestions you have also!
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Response by poster: BTW, the GPS-integrated EPIRB looks amazing.
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It's not gear, or expensive, but it's amusing and informative: How To Have Sex In The Woods by Luann Colombo. A cute little gift for a camper.
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A Kelly Kettle! (Ok, probably better for the car camping than backpacking, but it is surprisingly satisfying to boil water with a handful of pinecones.)
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Best answer: The gravity feed water filters are sweet. No need to pump, gravity does the work for you! As a bonus, they weigh significantly less, since you don't need to carry the pump mechanism. I have an ultralight model with superthin but sturdy bags that I adore. I don't know the exact maker/model off the top of my head, as it was a gift. I'll check with the friend who gave it to me when he gets off the trail on Sunday, and will post again. But seriously, there's no need to waste time, energy, and weight with a pump filter.
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If you are coffee drinkers, the aeropress will make the best coffee you've ever had camping. Best coffee in general.
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These collapsable bowls, plates, and mugs are the fricken bomb-diggety. I don't roll with a plate, just a mug and a bowl combo set.

BEST fricken camp utensils I have ever owned. That serrated edge will cut steak and still the clip-together set is hella lightweight
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I have done an awful lot of hiking and camping and sleeping outdoors, and I've come to despise all thermarest type things. I always wake up with a sore hip or back repeatedly through the night.

Then I got a luxurylite cot, and I actually enjoyed sleeping at night while hiking again.

They ain't cheap, but they're barely bigger than a pad and it's infinitely more comfortable.
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Best answer: When a couple of my outdoorsy friends got married recently, one of the gifts I got them was a pair of these camping champagne flutes (durable plastic and the bowl comes off so the base/stem can stack inside) which seemed a good combination of backwoods and bridal.
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WL Lenk LMJ-280 lighter; works great in wind. Got mine at Sears (tool dept ~ $9). ...I believe WL Lenk bought this patent; a few years ago this design was in the outdoor stores for $50... Daily use lasts weeks on a fill of butane.
Sears was cool to replace one that had the piezo-electric go bad (ten months later both are 100%).
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