Custom internet radio app
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App for that filter: Creating a custom internet radio station from streams and/or podcasts?

Does this smartphone/web/desktop app exist?

I enjoy listening to radio, internet radio and podcasts - I'd like a way to create a customized "station" I can flip on and leave on all day - one that incorporates all the stuff I already listen to in one convenient stream.

It would basically use a schedule to switch between different content sources like so:

-Early Morning: CBC Radio 1 Toronto live stream so I can catch Metro Morning
-Later Morning: CBC 3 Pop stream
-Noon: Onion Radio News podcast
-Afternoon: Radio 3 hip-hop stream
-3PM: Rotate through 7 longform podcasts on a daily schedule
-All day: CBC news latest hourly podcast once every 2 hours

I'm aware of Stitcher but it doesn't give you this kind of scheduling control. Obviously you can do this manually but I don't want to fiddling with my iphone all day! (solution need not be iphone based though)
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Not quite what you're looking for, but you might want to look into Snowtape.
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