asskrieg defense?
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In basketball, how do you play defense against that butt-bulldozer* style of offense in the post?

Taking the charge is not an option, it's pick-up ball...

*down near the paint, the person you're guarding does that unrelenting "assplow" backwards dribble thing right into you.
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I typically keep my strong arm perpendicular to my body and use it as a stiff arm. Since it's street ball, I use my other arm to reach for the steal. If they don't count the charge, they can't count the reach/touch foul either. It also helps if you're playing a guy that's close to your own body weight. Otherwise, being taller helps. If you have neither advantage (I'm 5'6", 125 lbs), stay the hell out of the paint and cover the perimeter shooters.
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As one who's been on both sides of the situation -- I'm 6'4", 225 lbs) I can say this is a highly effective offensive tactic against someone of lesser mass. Unless the defender can reach/swat/slap or otherwise obtain posession of the ball from the bulldozer, there's not a whole lot stopping him from gradually endging towards the hoop. Help from a teammate or speedy hands are key here.

On the defensive side, if you have the mass, 'get roots'.
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First, if this is a team game, deny him the ball -- most playground players would rather shoot or pass to an open guy than try to make a tough pass. If this is a one-on-one game, put your "weak-side", or baseline leg -- the leg that is on the most easily defendable side of the court -- between his legs, so he is "sitting" on your thigh as he backs in. This way, you can use your leg as leverage and lift him. Don't lock your knee! When the players makes his break for the basket, it will probably be to the strong side and you will be in position to challenge the shot. This works for the "assplow guy". A skilled post player can get the ball deep enough to kill you without using leverage.

A great story about John Havlicek... guys posting him up would come out of games with bruises on their backs around the kidney area.. he would pinch and gouge them, but disguise the dirty work as a painless hand-check. You might not get away with that on the playground...
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Mania describes the correct counter to this tactic. If he is considerably stronger than you, you will have to resort to fronting him to deny the pass. Another trick you can use is to time the contact and pull away at the last moment, possibly causing him to fall or travel while you go for the steal. Its sort of like pulling the chair out as he sits down.
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Rasheed 'pulled the chair' on Jermaine O'Neal to surprisingly good effect last night in the Det-Ind game. He probably got some tips from Rick Mahorn who was supposedly very good at it. I find the third tip (mania's) works well, also use your waist/trunk and turn to the side. This way you are basically using the strength of your legs and body, rather than your arms. Like mania says, if you get the right leverage in this position, you can push the offensive player out of their crouch and significantly slow their progress. Depending on the skill level of your game, the offensive player probably isn't going to whip out a great, speedy spin move around you - they want to force you down for a short turnaround jumper. Here I find the trunk/legs move takes some doing as it's harder to spring up out of that position to block a shot.

I find in my pickup games, people abuse the three seconds in the paint rule like nobody's business. But it's ultimately worse for offense (clogging the paint) than for defense.

If you play with the same guys all the time, somebody should be giving help defense, too.
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I hate to suggest it, but another defense to this is to rub back against him, crotch-wise, after the bump. You'll either end the problem or make a new friend.
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