Battery powered LED light for my illuminated globe?
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I'm looking for a battery powered LED light to replace the corded light in my illuminated globe. I'm transferring my globe from a single axis mount to a Gyro-matic (dual axis) mount. It's no longer convenient to have cord in this configuration, so I'd like to illuminate the globe with an LED light that can be switched on from the bottom base plate. I'd probably have to drill out a hole in the base plate to expose the switch. Any ideas are on lights or installation are much appreciated. Here's a link to the bulb replacement instructions.
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Best answer: If you care to learn a bit about electronics, it would be fairly simple to put together a switch, a battery holder, a resistor and a few LEDs to make your own custom fixture. Otherwise, you might cannibalize a cheap LED flashlight, removing the reflector and maybe using a different switch.
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Best answer: Here are a couple of sites that sell LEDs, circuit boards to drive them, and assembled flashlights:



They are both very cheap, and both in Hong Kong, which means you'll have to wait a while after ordering before your stuff arrives.
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I'd advise using a minimum of six LEDs in a cube configuration (or even more, arranged spherically) since the light emitted by LEDs is so directional. Using just one probably won't illuminate your globe evenly.
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There are ways to spread the directional beam of an LED, using a lens, a diffuser, or a conical reflector.
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