Looking for outdoor shopping locations in Los Angeles.
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Looking for outdoor shopping locations in Los Angeles.

I know about The Grove and the Third Street Promenade, but what are some other similar *outdoor* shopping venues in LA? Preferably near West Hollywood, but that's not a must. Not looking for any particular stores, just a relaxed atmosphere for walking around outside and doing some mindless shopping on a Sunday afternoon.
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Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.
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This is probably out of your way, but The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk is a fairly newly-built outdoor shopping mall that's pretty relaxing to stroll around in - might be what you're looking for.

Plus, they have a Cinnabon.
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The Americana at Brand in Glendale
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The Americana in Glendale is pretty nice.
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Similar to Colorado Blvd, but with a more interesting collection of shops, the obvious answer here is Melrose.
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Santa Monica Place is pretty nice and brand new.
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Oh, and if we're just going with a good street. I would say Abbott Kinney.
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Sunset Junction in Silverlake; Vermont and/or Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz (neither are malls, just streets/blocks with many little independent stores and eateries).
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Santa Monica is the place. But not Santa Monica Place.

1. Weho isn't actually that big. The whole area is a shop/eat fest. Just walk around.
2. Montana Ave in Santa Monica
3. Main Street in Santa Monica.
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Century City -- it's really just an outdoor mall with mostly upscale stores.
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You want Robertson Blvd. between Beverly and Burton for extra super high-end outdoor mall experience. There's a Starbucks down at the one end, and a good food court substitute along 3rd St. Plenty of designer shops in between.

Also, the West 3rd St. shopping district has a nice array of fun stores, high end boutiques, crafting stuff, and restaurants. That's very near the Robertson stretch, maybe two blocks East-wards on 3rd from La Cienega all the way to The Grove/Farmer's Market at Fairfax.

Either of these areas provide easy access to The Beverly Center indoor mall too, so if you'd like to round out your stroll with some honest-to-Zod mall shopping there you go. Discount arena The Beverly Connection is right across the street too, and even has the outdoor configuration you're after (though it's much smaller).
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OK, a few more that I thought of while driving through the area I mentioned before just now:

Rodeo Dr. I was wandering around here the other day (it's really close to my work) and ran into our former Governator. Always a little awkward if you don't look like you belong—the Pretty Woman stereotype holds fairly true all these years later—but excellent for a stroll and some window shopping.

And then the opposite end of the economic spectrum, Santee Alley. It's downtown near the fabric/fashion district, starting somewhere in the vicinity of Olympic and going south from there between Santee and Maple Streets. All those bags/purses/clothes you couldn't afford on Rodeo? $20 in Santee Alley, same as in town.
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Also, both The Grove and 3rd St. Promenade are Caruso ventures. The American at Brand is his too. He's regarded as the main force behind the trend towards outdoor designed retail environments, and has several other ones around town.
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Santee Alley in the garment district, Larchmont Village, Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, all of Beverly Hils, Westwood Blvd. By UCLA, and much of Little Tokyo downtown. Oddly, not much in West Hollywood.
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