Yosemite in the rain
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yosemite in the rain: does it suck?

we've got a trip to yosemite planned for this weekend (tent camping in the valley) now forecast is about 40% chance of showers half the time we are there and increasingly low temps, ie 54 high on sunday, with rain.

so, have you been there in the rain? did it suck or was it still worthwhile? we are planning day hikes (nevada falls etc) and evening hang out/meals and wine type thing....
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If you're geared up to hike in the rain: no. It's still going to be spectacular.

And when you've got the clouds flowing through the valley the pictures become even better. Yosemite Falls peaking out through the mists is a lot more dramatic than in clear bright mid-day sun. The pictures I've got of the valley in those conditions are far more compelling than the ones I've got with blue clear skies.
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Oh no, it does not suck. It probably won't be hard rain either, just some light rain here and there. It is spectacular any time of year but the rain might actually be pleasant.
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It will still be fantastic, just keep in mind that the rocks are slippery when wet and there will be mud.
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Be sure to set up the tent on high ground. Obvious Man strikes again.
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No, it does not suck. I've been there in the rain a few times, and I go there for rockclimbing, which is incompatible with rain. And, still: a beautiful, spectacular place. Careful with the slippery rocks!
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I went up the weekend (also camped on the valley floor) before last with similar temps and forecast, and it did not suck. We ended up getting a good bit of rain during nights, but lovely cool temps and sunniness during the day. Hiking up to Nevada via the Mist Trail is gonna be super wet anyways*. I would not count on hanging out by the fire in the evening outside if it does rain, unless you set up a portable canopy like our neighbors did (smart move). Make sure your tent has good eaves to keep the water away from the sides of the tent. The bottom will be kept surprisingly dry by the pine needles.

Camping lower down in Wawona was much drier though, so that might be a backup if there are still reservations available.

*the mist trail was closed for the winter and a good part of the john muir trail was too. most people were passing through anyways, and we got through fine. the john muir trail will have a stretches of snow/ice that totally block the trail, so you'll have to climb over a few banks of snow next to some sheer drops. hopefully a good bit of that has melted since then!
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thanks so much for the positive input! we went and had a fantastic time. a bit cold, some rain, but the waterfalls were just...unbelievable. and we saw a baby bear :)
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