Climate change and radical adaptation
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Months ago (possibly a year or two), I heard an NPR interview with an author who made the case that the international community is past the point of being able to mitigate climate change - that the challenge now is radical adaptation (evacuating islands and coastal cities - things like that). This was on Wisconsin Public Radio, but I don't remember whether it was a state or national show. It's possible that he was British or Australian, but it's very possible that I'm mis-remembering that part. Also, I'm almost positive it wasn't James Howard Kunstler (and searching NPR for him doesn't turn up the interview). Any idea who the author could have been, or where I might find the interview? That's almost nothing to go on, but I've seen AskMeFi identify a 30 year-old coffee mug based on a mis-pronounced name and a wish, so I have hope!

I've also written to NPR/WPR audience services, so I'll update the post if they turn up anything.
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George Monbiot?
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A possibility: Matthew Kahn has written Climatopolis, which argues, "We have released the genie from the bottle: climate change is coming, and there's no stopping it. The question... is not how we're going to avoid a hotter future but how we're going to adapt to it." He spoke about it on a Seattle NPR in September 2010, and you might have heard a rebroadcast. There is a link to that interview from his home page.
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NPR responded, and the interview I was thinking of was James Lovelock (here, in a different interview, but on the same topic).

Thanks so much for pointing me toward Monbiot and Kahn though - this is background material to prompt my students to discuss the future of climate change politics, and the more background, the better!
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I just read a book by Curt Stager that made a similar argument.
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