Finding a robust content syndication platform for social media distribution
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Developers and content curators: Help me with some market research. I am trying to find an off-the-shelf solution or to spec out how to develop a solution to the following problem. My organization is looking to setup an internal collection, curation, and distribution system to push multimedia content to hundreds of social media accounts (in dozens of languages) with potentially hundreds of users. Ability to enable push-button publishing via Facebook, Twitter, and other APIs through a plug-in architecture. Sound interesting? Read on.

Development environment/platform is flexible--I just want to know what's out there or how this could be accomplished. Desire is to be able to create multimedia content streams around various themes, either created in-house (hosted on public-facing website) or linked from third-party sites. Must be able to target tagged content to dashboards based on user groups and individual preferences. Oh, and it's got to be able to spit out statistics as to who posts what content to which social media accounts and when. Heck, and knowing how many likes, comments, @comments, retweets, etc. would be useful too but not necessary. Pointing me to other forums or resources that could help give me a sense of how to further spec out a solution would be appreciated as well.
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I'd look at jive or alfresco.
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If your organization has money to spend on analytics and insights, the SAS Social Media Analytics tool (feature link is here)is very good.

For monitoring who is saying what about your organization (sentiment), look at Radian6 (a specific link on what radian6 covers is here) or Sysomos or similar. There are hundreds of decent listening tools. Radian6 has good team handling tools that let you manage the customer service aspects of social media really well within the tool.

Of course, the SAS tool gives you great reports, which are not in others, but they are improving.

If you have some more money to spend, get a real Social Media consultant to develop a comprehensive Social Media strategy that looks at:

- Determine the scope (how marketing ties into it)
- Identify and monitor platforms
- Training of people who will engage on your SoMe platforms
- Implementation steps

and more.

There are a lot of so-called Social Media experts, but look at people who can demonstrate how to measure value from such efforts (ROI, metrics etc applied judiciously!). Chris Brogan is one of the real, honest folks out there.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any company or individual named above.
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There are a lot of so-called Social Media experts, but look at people who can demonstrate how to measure value from such efforts (ROI, metrics etc applied judiciously!).

Rule #2: anyone who tells you they can calculate your ROI is 100% full of it.
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The Content Strategy Google Group would likely have better suggestions.

One thing to note: from your profile, it looks like you're working in government, so your requirements are going to be much more stringent than those in the private industry (security, etc). Depending on where you are and how your funding works, a contracting officer will likely to have to procure what you want. Do not piss off your contracting officer. Talk to that person early in your procurement process, maybe they have experience with what you need, maybe not (likely not), but they will know the restrictions you'll be dealing with very well.
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Response by poster: We've got some money, yes, and are looking at monitoring and analytic solutions as well. Thanks thebestsophist for the pointer to the Google Group. We are just doing market research right now to find out what is out there, but we are getting our contracting officers on board early.

Ideally we would have one tool that can so content syndication as well as monitoring and analysis, but that seems like a pipedream. Or is it?
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@downing street memo: While everyone and their uncle will talk about ROI, there are people who will tell you how to ensure that your social media efforts are working for you. Perhaps, I used ROI, which is a much-maligned term, deservedly in most cases.
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