Maggi seasoning?
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I got a bottle of Maggi seasoning to go into my micheladas. What else can I use this stuff in?
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Just about any place you would use soy sauce. I use it in a lot of marinades and soups.
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It also works almost anywhere you'd use worcestershire sauce. Marinades definitely, gravies and sauces, casserole bases. It's very versatile.
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I use it in anything I think needs more "depth". My mom always put it in chicken soup. In a pinch, you can use Maggi in water to substitute for beef broth in a recipe (just taste frequently as you are adding, because it's saltier).
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And when I make sauce for pizza, it's basically a can of crushed tomatoes, some Maggi, sugar, and a few herbs.
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Maggi is one of the things contributing to the distinctive flavor of your bánh mì! Just sprinkle a little on the bread before you lay down the mayo.
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Maggi seasoning is a great source of the umami taste, and salt. So, yeah, dash it anywhere you'd use worcestershire sauce or soy sauce or even nutritional yeast or Bragg's Amino Acids.
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you can chop up some sausages (not the greasy ones, rather, the lite ones)
and then marinate with lemon juice and maggi.
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It's wonderful on the yolks of hard boiled eggs. Just a dash!
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Fried rice. Stir fried vegetables (particularly cabbage-based).
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Potato chips (with lime, also), steamed vegetables, on top of fried stuff (like fish). It also makes a good combination with mayo and siracha sauce, for like dipping stuff in it.
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1 fried egg + 1 small bowl rice + Maggi seasoning= best breakfast ever.

I ate this every morning in China. Just thinking about it makes me want a midnight snack.
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Buy this cookbook. It's in everything.

(To be a little less flip, the authors had some kind of promotional deal with Nestlé Thailand, and sub Maggi for Golden Mountain Sauce and/or soy sauce just about any time either would normally be used. The recipes turn out fine.)
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Soups, stews, sauces, or as replacement for Worchester or soy sauces and horseradish. Heck, my father used to use it as a dipping sauce for meats/sausages, the way other people use steak sauce. Just remember to use it sparingly, it can be strong.
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You can use it (sparingly) whenever you feel the dish you make tastes bland.
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Seconding fried eggs and rice. Add a bit of pepper and you're good to go.
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Thanks for the many suggestions, guys! I feel empowered with flavor.
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