Don't boats like stop at Islands or something?
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Does anyone have any recommendations on one-way ferry travel in early June from Naples to Spain, ideally Valencia?

There is a frequent ferry from Civitavecchia (Rome) directly to Barcelona. I'd feel slightly silly not stopping in either Corsica or Sardinia however, but I suspect that doubles the price.

I'd also much rather pass through Valencia than Barcelona, which I've visited more than necessary. In fact, I'd simply skip Barcelona by hoping the first AVE to my destination in Madrid.

It might also be interesting to pass through the Balearic Islands, but again I'm not seeing any routes there from Corsica, Sardinia, or Southern Italy. If all else fails, I could always just fly to Ibiza and then proceed to Valencia and Madrid.

Any warnings about the scheduling of ferries in the Mediterranean?
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Grimaldi Lines from Livorno to Barcelona or Valencia. There are no Ferrys to / from Baleares to anywhere except la madre patria.
Here is an Italian Ferry Page for Italy and it's Islands.
Travelling around the W. Med sucks. It takes me longer to get to Nice than London.
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