Online courses which walk through works of literature?
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Where can you get online -- preferably free -- video lectures of professors/experts explicating, in detail, major literary works? For example, is there an online course where an excellent professor walks through The Divine Comedy or Finnegan's Wake?
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iTunes U has free podcasts of Yale lectures on The Divine Comedy. Didn't see Finnegan's Wake, but there are lectures from Yale and other universities on several other works.
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The Great Courses has several downloadable lecture series that would be just what you're looking for. Don't be put off by the cost -- every course goes on sale at least once a year (often for up to 70% off). Just keep checking back with them. (Though I believe they're well worth it even at full price. I've got many of this company's courses and they are, without exception, truly excellent.)
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You might find something if you google "The Teaching Company". I think their courses are not free but still, you might find some materials online.
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2nding the Yale lecture series, which has recently added a course on Don Quixote. Both video and audio options are available.
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Open Yale:

The American Novel Since 1945 (I believe this series is used for the MeFi Book Club)

Also, not quite what you were looking for, but possibly of interest:

Introduction to Theory of Literature

This Open Culture list includes links to the Aeneid on iTunes, American Lit I at NYU, and Milton at Yale, among others.

A search at the OCW Consortium for "literature" brings up dozens of hits.
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Oh, and check your library for the Teaching Company courses. Lots of libraries have several of those courses.
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