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How can I make my website and blog work seamlessly?

I have a personal website that has a few interlinking webpages, and a link to a wordpress blog. Is there a way that I can make the blog mesh better with the static content? At the moment when the viewer clicks on the blog link, the wordpress site is visibly different from the rest of the site. I'm an academic, and use this site to display my work.

I'd like to have a very simple blog, and have the blog use the same style as the rest of the site. The blog is infrequently updated (maybe 2 times per month) so I wondered whether there was any easier way of doing this, other than using wordpress, as I don't fully understand the inner workings of it and am not sure how to mash into the shape of the rest of my site.

I have growing familiarity with html/css/javascript and a smattering of php. Any suggestions appreciated!
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Using WordPress seems like it would be your easiest option, actually. If you install self-hosted WordPress at your website, you can duplicate the pages you currently have with WordPress pages, export the blog posts from your blog (I'm assuming that's where your blog is hosted) and import them into your new WordPress install, and choose from the thousands of free themes so that both your site pages and your blog are all in one place, using one layout.
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Buy a domain and rebuild the entire thing in a self hosted Wordpress installation. You can cut and paste your static content into Wordpress pages, and import your blog so that you don't lose anything. Everything will be integrated, and you should be able to do it for $50 a year in hosting and domain fees.
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Wordpress supports pages and posts. Pages aren't really all that different from posts, but they exist outside the chronological structure of the blog and have their own hierarchy. I'd copy all the static content into pages. Done.
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move the static content on your website to wordpress pages
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, I think wordpress pages are a keyword I've been unaware of. I am currently hosting both sites on my own hosting service.

Out of curiosity, are there limitations about running javascript or embedding google maps on wordpress pages?
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Absolutely not. You'll likely need to do some theme customisation, but it sounds like you have the necessary skills.

For what it's worth, another way of answering your question would be to develop a custom Wordpress theme that matched the look of your current site, but I think this is likely to be the inferior option.
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