Buring video from TivoToGo
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I am having problems playing video on my PC that I have downloaded from my Tivo.

I've had TivoToGo since a few weeks after it launched and this problem has palagued me since then. I can download video just fine. I can play the video. But I cannot hear the audio that is attached to the video.

You'll say, "bDiddy, you obviously do not have the right Codec installed." But, I don't know how to know what is the right one. Tivo's site is rather vague. They say that if you have a DVD playing software installed, you have the proper codecs. Well, I do have a DVD playing software installed and it still doesn't work. I've tried a few different ones and still, no audio. I finally found a method posted somewhere about how I can strip the mpeg out of the .tivo file and this worked. However, it only worked until the demo ran out on the software the instructions had me install for the codecs.

So, I think I can buy the DVD burning software from Sonic and this should work, but I don't know if it will. I don't want to buy it without testing it and I already used up the trial for that before I bought a DVD burner. (Stupid bDiddy!) So now what? Anyone beat this problem and want to offer me some advice?
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I'm going with a couple of the standard windows mantras.

1) Remove & Reinstall TivoToGo
2) Make sure your current spy/malware software is good.
3) do straight MPEG files play? MPEG2?

I'm more than willing to take a look at your files, except the DRM wouldn't let me. Um. That's why it's DRM.

I want to give you a better link than us Mefites. Clearly you've been to a site or four. Perhaps they'll help (or they'll help someone else).

Tivo to go help forum

Tivo's ACTUAL forum on Tivo to Go

General Tivo Help Forum

Tivo FAQ

P.S. I woudln't use the sonic software - I just dont like the being forced to use software just because they choose to merchandize it (and intentionally disable other software.)
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I can't find the source of where I heard this, but I believe you can only burn DVDs with Sonic's software; the bundled video player won't play the *.tivo files.
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this is somewhat true. There are ways around it, that shouldn't be mentioned here...but they do exist.
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Filmgeek, thanks for the advice. I do know there are ways around it. I think I mentioned that I tried one. I am willing to buy the software, even though I feel the same way about it as you. But I don't want to spend the $70 only to have the same problem I am having now.
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I don't have any experience with .tivo files, but whenever I have a problem with sound or video, I use gspot (yes, I know, it's a misleading name). It is a great program for loading in a file and examining what it needs to run properly. It may not help in this case, but it may be worth a shot.
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Thanks xorowo. I will definitely try that out tonight. I installed a bunch of codecs, and the windows xp codec checker thing tivo mentions on their site shows i have a codec that should work, but still no audio. Perhaps it's time for ye olde rebuilde. Maybe a clean install of the OS will work for me.
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