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Google Chrome keeps giving me "This page cannot be displayed" error messages. Help!!!

This problem started back a few weeks. What happens is I'll be browsing the web and suddenly a page will decide to hang. I'll fresh it and I'll get one of these error messages:

Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.
Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error.
Error 321 (net::ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING): Unknown error.

the 321 and 330 are most common, only got the 15 one to show a few times.

Its horrible with youtube videos. The thing might buffer all the way through, only for the video stop at a random point and try and rebuffer it or something. I refresh the page and those stupid error messages come up. :/ If I click refresh like 5 times, I can get the page to reload. Other times, it won't refresh. I tried reinstalling chrome a few days ago and it didn't fix anything. :/

I still have Firefox installed from when I still used it, I surfed the web for a bit and I got it to give me a "Content Encoding Error" So it looks like its more of a problem with windows or my network. I was on a different computer in my house earlier and I don't have this problem.

I think anyone can Imagine how annoying this is. Thanks in advance! :D
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Are you using a proxy? That could be the issue according to some chrome related support tickets.

Try clearing the cache, removing cookies and then uninstalling and installing Chrome; could be some old data that's acting up.
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Are you using any programs like peerblock? I was getting similar things because of that.
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I would suspect it is a problem with your internet connection or the computer...since it's doing this in both firefox and chrome. Try another computer on the network to confirm this. If it still does it, connect another computer directly to your cable/dsl modem (if you have one), if it still does it, it's your isp/internet connection.
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I suspect that all those messages are actually coming out of the Flash plugin, and that they're its user-friendly way of telling you that its stream's been interrupted. That would explain why they look similar on Chrome and Firefox; I believe both use the same Flash plugin.
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Response by poster: I use peer block on a different computer on my network, but not on this computer... :/
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