Mac OS9 HD Crash
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I'm a pc guy, but my friend's imac hard-drive has crashed. I managed to salvage the entire drive on a dvd, but otherwise it's been rendered inoperable. So, my question: can I just copy the appropriate folders (keeping directory structure) from the dvd to the new (essentially empty) drive and have everything work as before? Can I do this for specific software, such as outlook (all saved emails lost!) or word? Or do I have to to a manual re-install of all software, export of emails, etc., as any self-respecting pc would require. Mac OS 9.22
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Pinto, unlike Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 is entirely "Finder drag" installable. If you have a complete copy of the original drive, you can boot the iMac from the software install CD and then "install" the OS, all applications, and all data simply by using the Finder to copy the rescued original data from the DVD drive to the new drive. Next, use the Startup Disk control panel to mark the new hard drive as the boot drive and restart the iMac.

You may find it necessary to "bless" the restored System Folder on the new drive. To do this, start up the iMac from the software install CD. Open the System Folder on the new hard drive. Double-click the System suitcase. After the System suitcase opens, close the suitcase and System Folder windows and restart your computer. If that didn't work, then try the following: drag the System suitcase and Finder out of the System Folder. Close the System Folder. Put the System suitcase and Finder back into the System Folder. If Finder didn't notice that you were copying a System Folder earlier, either of these two procedures should force Finder to take notice of a new System Folder and take the necessary steps to make the system bootable (called "blessing" in Apple parlance).

You can find additional helpful information in Apple's iMac G3 Emergency Handbook.

Make sure you name the new hard drive the same as the old hard drive, otherwise any attempt to use rescued Alias files on the new hard drive may result in the OS asking for help in locating the correct file.
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You should just be able to copy it all onto the new drive and have it magically work. Mac OS X requires some additional tweakery, but you won't need it with Mac OS 9.
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