I need a turtle, quick!
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Where can I buy a box turtle in London, UK?

I'm looking to buy a standard box turtle or tortoise of some kind for a gift. (Or rather, I'm asking on someone's behalf). I remember buying a box turtle for $25 when I was a kid. A search online shows tortoise prices to be $200+ and I think that's a bit ridiculous. My friend wants to buy some sort of tortoise and I think the ability to go and see it would be ideal. So I'm just wondering if someone can recommend some pet shops in London, UK that sell tortoises. Thanks in advance!
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Tortoise breeding, importation and sale is now highly restricted in the UK and throughout the EU. There are listings on Gumtree, but no guarantee that they're from approved or legitimate sources. (And 'turtle' in the UK usually means terrapins or aquatic turtles.)
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Try calling Kings and ask for their advice. They're in Camden Town and you can go see their reptiles in store.
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