Looking for scenes depicting the inner struggle of good/evil?
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Movie/TV filter: Looking for scenes where people have a visible struggle with their conscience. Like the angel and demon popping up on a person's shoulder when faced with an ethical dilemma, but not necessarily limited to this visual depiction.

I need to pull some clips to illustrate a presentation, and I'm coming up short. Helping me narrow in on a scene would be helpful, meaning that if you could include a guess on the time when it occurs in the episode/season/movie that would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks MeFi!
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Obviously, there's going to be SPOILERS here.

The final confrontation between Karras and the demon in the last 15 minutes of The Exorcist.
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The relevant clip from The Exorcist.
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Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove. Done for comic effect. About 15 minutes into the move, I think.
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The Gollum/Smeagol dialogues in the The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers might do, if you are willing to relax "people" a bit.
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Don Cheadle after the shootout in Boogie Nights - made even more agonizing with the context that he has money troubles and a pregnant wife at home. Note: this is an intense scene to watch.
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Mookie deciding what to do towards the end of Do The Right Thing.
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Can't find the clip online, but Sarah Polley at the deposition, in the last 10 minutes of The Sweet Hereafter.
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Jerry Seinfeld's brain vs. penis chess scene.
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Pulp Fiction.
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Wrath of Khan; the scene where Chekov and his captain are ordered to kill Kirk.
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Norman Osborne/Green Goblin in Spiderman.

Dr. Octavius/Doc Ock in Spiderman 2

Hell, I think everyone in the Spiderman films does this, usually about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through.
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There is an entire TV series about this: Herman's Head. The Wikipedia description pretty much nails the different aspects of his mind that are in conflict in each episode - Angel, Animal, Wimp, Genius, and Jealousy.
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The final scene from Seven.
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You can't do this without Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
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Animal House with Pinto and the drunk girl at the toga party
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I can't point to specific times, but there are a couple of scenes in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that show his inner monologue/decision-making process.
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Animal House.
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Skins, a British teen show, has the angel/devil visual. Sid's flunking history and is supposed to go home and rewrite his paper after drama class.
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I'd say the scene in Godfather I where Al Pacino is in the bathroom deciding whether or not to go through with the hit -- the way he runs his hands through his hair right before he leaves the bathroom stall is extremely powerful.
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ER, Season 2, Episode 14, "The Right Thing," Benton's last scenes.
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They use this device in the TV show "Good Eats".
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For Devonia: TV Tropes.
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The whole third act of Fight Club could qualify.
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There's a south park episode with this scene and maybe a couple of others.
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