non-Apple iPad 2 case?
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Best fully-protective iPad 2 case?

I bought an Apple Smart Case with my iPad 2, but find that its lack of protection of the back and sides of the device is stressing me out.

I'm looking for a third-party case that will protect the entire iPad 2 in the same way that Apple's original iPad case protected the first-generation iPad. Ideally, I'd also like something with a small footprint and/or minimalist form factor that won't compromise the iPad 2's aesthetics too severely.
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Response by poster: Yup, pretty much everyone seems to be recommending the Smart Cover in that earlier thread, unfortunately.
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Check out the one I linked. It's 100 bucks, but it seems pretty protective, and comes with a keyboard to boot.
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Expensive, but it gets rave reviews: Dodocase. It's folio style, like the first Apple case.
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I have the one jozxyqk linked for my first gen iPad, and it's great, but it doesn't protect the back of the device, which is what killdevil wants.
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I have no personal experience of this one whatsoever. The marketing material for it just happened to land in my inbox the other day. I just figure if you're looking for options -- not a pretty option, I must admit -- I may as well throw it into the pile: G-Form.

Normally, I don't fall for marketing gimmicks or wildly-crazy advertising claims. Sadly, I have to admit, that this particular phrase caught my eye as I was skimming my e-mail: "...recently known for the Extreme Sleeve for iPad that has sustained a 500-foot drop from an airplane...."

Yes, I know. I seriously doubt it, but boy is it a piece of marketing.
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I just started using the Marware CEO Hybrid (slyt) on my iPad2. It's the only case I've found that protects the corners, acts as a stand, and still does the auto on/off trick with the magnets. It's got some padding, so that I don't have to worry about the iPad if it were to be dropped. I've got a Zagg Invisible shield on the whole unit, and it still fits (tightly) into this case. Solidly recommended, ~$50

On my original iPad, I was a big fan of the Contour iSee case, plus a Zagg Invisible shield for the display.
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My best friend bought an iPad Defender for her 11-year-old autistic son's ipad. He has not yet managed to either get the case off or destroy the ipad, and it's been about a month. If you knew the kid you would understand what a powerful endorsement this is; before the ipad, they got him a laptop, and he BIT it into pieces within days.

It's heavy and clunky, but it sure as hell protects the ipad.
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The Dodocase is beautiful (I have one for my iPad one). But.

Since it's made at a bookbindery, it's like a book cover. It actually aesthetically reminds me of a moleskine journal. I love the case, but it didn't end up being enough protection for me.

I like the M-Edge Latitude cases a lot.
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G-Form on Engadget, too.
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