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Where do I start reading about Deadpool?

I recently read the comic Necrosha, which had a comic featuring Deadpool at the end.

I'd like to read more comics with Deadpool, but I'd like to start "at the beginning", with whatever origin story he has. Does he have his own comic? If not, where do I need to start, and in what order should I continue with from there?
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Deadpool's publication history is a part of his Wikipedia entry.

You'll find that's true for most comic book characters. He made his first appearance in the February 1991 issue of New Mutants, got his own miniseries in 1993, a second in 1994, and his own title in 1997.

Looks like you can get most of his early appearances in a single volume.
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He started in New Mutants 98, but I usually recommend the Cable and Deadpool collection as a better jumping in point.
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Deadpool rocks. His origin story is convoluted and irrelevant. All you need to know is that he is a badass crazy dude who regenerates and knows he is in a comic book. Ask your local comic book guy to give you the starting point for any recent arc and you'll be fine.
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I'd start with Joe Kelly's run.
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