Permed Hair?
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I apologize for the frivolous nature of this question, people still get their hair permed?

I'm seriously thinking of perming my hair. I had many a wet noodle perm back in grade school and I definitely don't want to go that route again.

I don't know anyone who has a perm. It seems that nobody does it anymore. Why? Have perms changed since the 80s?

I am crazy for considering this? I just want some soft waves, not anything too tight. My hair is in good condition and has the right texture. So aside from pouring a heap of chemicals on my head, what should I look out for? If anyone has tips or observations, please help me.
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sure they do--mostly soft, wavy ones tho, and they don't call it perms...i'd find someone locally (shopping, on the street, etc) who has what you want and ask her what salon she goes to. (most good places will be able to, tho)
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Sure, people still perm their hair, it's just that the style of perm has changed. I think big body wave stuff is in.

My suggestion: go to a nice salon that regularly does perms and tell them what you're looking for. And, I'd (obviously) avoid salons that have primarily little-old-lady clientele.
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Response by poster: Help me. What do they call them?
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I think you're looking for a wave.
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This may be too general to help, but, building on the above, I've also heard the newer style just directly referred to as "soft perms."
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I asked my hairdresser this question recently, and she said that if someone walked in and asked her for a perm, she would turn them away.

"I refuse to damage my clients' hair," she explained. "I simply wouldn't do it." Zoinks!

So, in at least some salons the answer is no!
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Arielmeadow, does that mean your hairdresser's salon doesn't offering coloring either?
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And what about hairdrying? Does she eschew the follicular dangers of hot air?
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find some one who can do a rod to roller transfer perm,
that is, process the hair on a rod that is small enough to change the structure of your hair, then transfer,unwrap the rod and roll up on a roller that is the size of the curl that you desire, and neutralize the perm. this curl will not fall out and lasts until you cut it off. acid waves work best and are easier on the hair.sometimes I ask my client to wear the curlers home overnight! oxygen in the air neutralizes the perm and you can skip the last chemical process neutralizer.
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btw there are quite a lot of hair creams today that will do the job (and can be washed out) without ruining your hair. They seem a lot cheaper and safer (for your hair. for u too) than a perm and I'd think that they're worth a try.
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had many a wet noodle perm back in grade school

you had your hair permed in grade school? Or was this just a jokey way to not be old enough to have been old enough to have a perm in the 80s? no offense intended, i'm just confused :)
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FYI to mdn: Girls got their hair permed in grade school in the 80s. For real. Some girls' mothers took them to their salon, others were subjected to the dreaded home perm.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah. Third grade, honey. And fourth and fifth.
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For what it's worth, I bought my wife a cut, perm, and manicure for Christmas. (Are you listening guys? This stuff WORKS!) She loved it. I dropped her off in the morning and picked her up just after lunch. She still loves how her hair is. So, some gals are still getting perms. The real question is are any guys still getting perms?
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I had a grade school perm in the 80s. A couple of them. Yes indeedy.
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holy shit.
I was in grade school in the 80s, too, by the way. Did you get colorings too? I remember it being kind of a big deal to me when I was, whatever, 14 or 15, and I died my hair red for the first time. but I can't imagine having done that in 3rd grade!
anyway. wild.
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Response by poster: No, thank god no colorings. Although I do seem to recall one streaky summer after a bad Sun In incident. For some reason my father always dated hairdressers and I was the guinea piglet. I, too, died my hair red when I was 14-15. That phase lasted a loooong time. Too much Tori Amos.
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