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Looking for a cover/case for Ipad 2. Wondering a.) what's actually available for purchase now (been seeing a lot of preorder pages) and b.) what people are liking.
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My mother just got an iPad 2 and the Smart Cover seems pretty slick. On the other hand, I tend to prefer minimal interference with the lines and function of the device over a lot of protection, so if you are looking for something more robust I don't really have any suggestions.
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I have the smart cover TedW mentions, and I like not only its protective capabilities, but also its clever design.
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I love the smart cover too. The back casing of the iPad2 is pretty sturdy on its own (I just smashed it into the corner of the wall this morning with no noticeable result), so I'm okay with leaving it unprotected. The smart cover was designed as the iPad2 was, and to be honest, I can't imagine owning an iPad2 without one; the integration is flawless. As a stand, it's better than all the stand/cases combos I saw for the original iPad. It's just so versatile.
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I have the smart cover. It's ok. It seems to come off a lot! (I use my iPad all the time -- in bed, while chilling out watching tv, in the kitchen for recipes, in the car, on the treadmill.)

I'm looking for an integrated smart cover/back covering. Something like this or this or this. I feel like if the back were connected to the front, the smart cover would stay on better, and the back would be protected from scratches. (When I sold my iPad to finance my iPad 2 purchase, I had scratches on the back. I waited some time to buy a case the first time around because i was an early adopter scoping the field.)

I'd also like this integrated cover to come in pretty colors - white, orange, green. Nothing fits the bill! An even bigger pie-in-the-sky wish is an integrated keyboard case in pretty colors. For some reason they're all black!

My current solution is to keep my iPad with it's smart cover in a felt case that I handmade from stitching 2 sheets of felt together on three sides. Waiting for someone to come here, read this thread, and make my dream case!
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This one integrates with a bluetooth keyboard/stand; it's kinda on my wishlist:

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I have the green Smart Cover and really love it. Very smart design, adds nice "grippiness" when you are holding it one handed, and does a fine job protecting the screen. As someone said earlier, iPad's back is pretty tough, so, as with the original iPad, I'm okay leaving it unprotected. I fold up the face quite a bit to prop it up, and it's more stable than the original Apple iPad case was. It does pick up dirt or dust or whatever on the green outside face, but it's easy enough I guess to wipe it down.
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I have the red Smart Cover and it works really well. Really sleek and it adds grippiness to the back of the iPad, as jroybal notes. It also folds up to allow two useful landscape angles.
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Another vote for the Smart Cover. Also, after looking at my 2 year old iPhone 3GS that's never left its silicone case (grit occasionally works its way between the case and the phone and scratches the plastic), I decided to get a cover sticker for the iPad from Gelaskins.com, although I'm only covering the back with it.
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I've also got a Smart Cover, paired with a back cover by A Company Whose Name I Can't Remember, and it suits me fine. A lot of the other cases I looked at bulked the thing up a lot, and the last thing I need is one more giant lump that I have to fit in my bag in the morning.

That said, I did buy a stand to go with it because the angle you get with the Smart Cover doesn't really do it for me. I've also got my eye on the DoDo case just because I'm a sucker for booklike things...
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Kronur, I've been searching for a case similar to the one you've described and think I've found exactly the thing.
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