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Looking to identify a late 19th/early 20th century painting of a knight and lady.

I'm trying to find a late 19th or early 20th century painting in either the Pre-Raphaelite or Academic styles. The subjects are a kneeling knight and a woman standing in front of a tree with arms extended. It might be titled "The Apple Maiden," though I'm not sure about that.

I've searched quite a bit, but I haven't been able to find any information about this painting or its artist. I know that it isn't Edmund Blair Leighton's The Accolade, John William Waterhouse's Lamia, or an image from the book Legends of the Black Forest.

Anybody out there have any thoughts?
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hmmm.... Rosetti's Arthur's Tomb?
posted by scody at 7:57 PM on May 3, 2011

A couple more guesses (though neither of them seem to quite fit, either): J. W. Waterhouse's La Belle Dame Sans Merci or Tristan and Isolde Sharing the Potion?
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Any chance it's Rossetti's crazy-ass contribution to the Oxford Union murals, of Sir Lancelot dreaming of Guinevere at the Grail shrine?
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Also, could it actually be something more in the vein of Maxfield Parrish?
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This one seems to have all the elements you want: The Forest Lovers?

Flowers in the background rather than a tree: Godspeed (bonus: cool little gargoyle!)
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Maybe King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid by John Byam Liston Shaw? (Edward Burne-Jones also did a version, but it's completely different - and no apple tree.)
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Response by poster: "The Forest Lovers" is in the same theme, but the style is wrong. No luck on this yet...
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Here's another variation of La Belle Dame sans Merci
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I don't know of a specific painting, but another artist you may want to check out is Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
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