Identify these three plants, please
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Can you help me identify these plants? I'm trying to identify 1) the purple flowers, 2) the little white flowers at the bottom, and 3) the big green leaves.

These are all plants from my grandmother's garden that were used on her casket at her burial. I am working on an art project recreating the pattern from this blanket of flowers, and there are a few that I can't identify. As the project is a surprise for those who actually know what she grew in her garden, I can't ask them. Can you help me?

(If it helps you to know the season and region, this photo was taken March 28 in Lee County, Alabama.)

I thought that #3 might be hosta, but I haven't been able to find hosta with leaves like that. And I thought #2 might be Queen Anne's lace, but on the day of the funeral, my mother said it wasn't.
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The purple flowers look like wisteria.
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The purple flowers are wisteria. The leaves appear to be Maranta of some kind.
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The purple flowers are wisteria, I think the white are baby's breath, but it is hard to tell because the pictures a bit blown out. I don't recognize the green's unfortunately!
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Of course! It was all over the place that weekend. I guess I just don't recognize it when it's not hanging off things in gigantic bunches.
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I can't see the leaves very well, but think the little white flowers may be a type of Spiraea - potentially Bridal Wreath Spirea - or a Pyracantha.
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Yes, I think the purple flowers are wisteria too. The leaves might be one of the many varieties of Calathea, possibly Calathea roseopicta? And I think there are too many leaves around those white flowers to be baby's breath - when I saw them, I also wondered if it's a stem from the shrub bridal-wreath spirea, Spiraea prunifolia?
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I think the little white flowers may be a spirea of some sort, and the leaf appears to be Calathea "Medallion"
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I do believe it's bridal wreath spirea, and the green is definitely Calathea "Medallion."

Thanks all!
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