How do I convert an existing GPS track to an estimate of calories burned?
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How do I convert an existing GPS track to an estimate of calories burned?

I'd like to be able to take existing GPS tracks of runs or bike rides and get an estimate of the calories burned in that workout if performed by someone of my weight & height. I know I can get estimates for N minutes of activity X at speed V, but those are for uniform activity and don't take into account things like elevation gained.

The data to do this exists, at least in proprietary form--some Garmin GPS units (like the Edge 305) give calories-burned estimates without using heart rate data. Those estimates aren't as precise as HRM-based ones. That's OK. (I've looked at Garmin's Training Center software; it does not seem to give the estimates.)
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Runtastic appears to be able to do this (never tried it). Allows you to upload a .tcx or .gpx file, and you also indicate your type of activity. It will then give a calories-burned estimate. You can also set up your weight in your profile and it will calculate calories based on that.
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Note: by "it" in the comment above, I mean "uploading a gps file". I use runtastic itself all the time, via my iphone and manual entry of sports activities. Like it a lot.
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