I'm looking for an artificial language learning game based on trial and error.
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I'm looking for an artificial language learning game based on trial and error.

I remember seeing this game (possibly at a museum, but hopefully online) a few years ago. The object of the game was to correctly translate a series of symbols into a sentence. I don't think that the symbols were hieroglyphics, but they might have been. Later levels built on the word-symbol pairs and grammatical structures that you learned in the earlier levels so the sentences became more and more complex. The idea was to learn a (probably artificial) language by trial and error. Do you know where I could find this game or something very similar?
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The old computer game Captain Blood was sort of like this -- the bulk of the game was about attempting to communicate with aliens using a pictographic language.
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About 15 years ago I went to a museum or technology centre in Regina, Saskatchewan which had something very like this. I was 11 at the time, so I'm a bit vague on the details but this definitely rings a bell.
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Many undergraduate linguistics problem sets have a similar form (though trial and error might not be the best strategy). If you are just looking for problems like this to do, you might enjoy the linguistics olympiad's past problem sets, which are not progressive in the same way but have a range of difficulty levels.
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