Nightlife in Oslo?
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I will be in Norway (Oslo & Bergen) for 5 days in mid-May. I've found lots of great threads about what to do during the day, but what about nightlife? I'm having trouble finding solid restaurant/bar recommendations, along with music venues/dancing. MeFi, where do the hip kids hang?
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Wow you are very lucky to get there around liberation day. my family will also be in Oslo and Bergen for the festivities. In Bergen there is not a whole to do but if you can tolerate it there is a good gay bar called Fincken where my family met for drinks last I was there. You may also like the Inside Rock Bar, Cafe Russe and Pingvinen. Happy drinking!
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Best answer: Hip kids hang different places depending on different tastes. Since you're not stating what kinds of places/music/clubs you're after, it's hard to recommend you anything targeted. Lofi? Sophisticated? Brown? Multicultural? Electro? Sushi? Rock? Folk? Chess? Burgers? Children? Fine art? Metal?

Wikitravel is not bad for general advice, if you just want to pick and match. I'd just add a general advice; stay away from the touristy centers. In Oslo, go north and east of the center, from Youngstorget and out. Grünerløkka, Sagene, St. Hanshaugen. In Bergen, head towards the student areas, just a few blocks south-west of center, Håkonsgaten/Nygårdsgaten/Vaskerelven are less stressfull and more alternative. In either town, you needn't go far to find better picks.

You could combine Wikitravel generics with Underskog, the "hipster" calender for indie nightlife cultural activities in cities. Run it through Google translate and you shouldn't have a problem getting what it's about.

Others can probably hit up with specific recommendations.
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My previous question on Oslo.
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Response by poster: gmm, thanks for this reply, apologies for not being more specific. I'm pretty open to whatever, but off the top of my head: good beers, quality coffee, inventive food, electronic/dance spots, off-the-wall sights. Thanks for your recs here, I am going to check out Wikitravel and Underskog.

parmanparman - I think we will be in Oslo on liberation day, lucky us! Thanks for the tips.

Beerbjay - thanks for that link, I'll check it out.
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Beer: Henrik, address: Vaskerelven (hipster street). Second floor, look for subtle sign.
Coffe: Kaffemisjonen, address: Korskirkeallmenning
Food: Smaksverket, adress: Rasmus Meyers Allee (museum strip)
Club: Smaksverket also club at night. Or Landmark, next door. Vamoose.
Off-the-wall/indie/hipster/etc: Skostredet (street name, lots of weird little shops and cafes). If sunny, buy a six-pack and head for Botanical gardens, hidden behind Museum of Natural Sciences, middle of town.


Beer: Lots of pubs east, Grünerløkka area
Coffee: Not sure. Google Tim Wendelboe and see if he has a place.
Food: Pick by taste from Wikitravel, I suppose.
Club: Clubs around Youngstorget, not far from central station.
Off-the-wall/special: Tilt, a cute retro flipper and game pub. Address Badstugata.

Have a nice trip!
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