help us bunk down in berlin!
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what hostel should we stay in in Berlin?

I'll be traveling with another mid 20s lady to Berlin in June. I think we want to stay in Mitte or Kreuzberg. We want a hostel that's not overly institutional but not full of crazy loud 18 year old club kids. Any thoughts or advice for Berlin is appreciated!
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I like JetPak, but EastSeven also gets good reviews.
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I'm a mid twenties lady and I stayed at the Easterner Hostel last summer. It was clean, the hosts were very nice (if not thorough) and the location was great. They offered a cheap breakfast too, at a cozy cafe across the street.
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I've stayed at the Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat. It was clean and close to the subway. It also had a nice bar. I went in early March and it wasn't busy or noisy.

Plus it is on a boat.
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Heart of Gold - it's super clean, nice decor (Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and pretty chill.
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Seconding Heart of Gold. I've stayed there a couple of times and it's excellent.
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St. Christopher's! I stayed there for a week this Feb. The clientele ran from 20-30, the main floor is a bar with really good food and impressive deals, free breakfast. The staff was phenomenal. Excellent central location, S-Bahn literally right out the door.
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If you want something clean, really quirky and conversational, try Ostel. It's an old GDR Platten building, and it has a retro 50s institutional feel and decor that is quite a lot of fun. And in the right area for you.

If you are not stuck too much for funds, there a lot of 'design hotels' that are adult luxury but cheap. I stayed at Cosmo Hotel in Mitte for 99 euros. Very design-y and absolute luxury beds, all mod cons, a bathroom to die for, superb service. Loved it.

Haven't stayed there, but will soon: Michelberger Hotel, a new one that is getting great reviews. Around 80 euros.

I recommend having some great German beers on a hot day at Freischwimmer a relaxing bar/restaurant near the nudist 'beach'. At night it's nice to take some beers or picnic to Hackescher Markt and sit out in the twilight watching the goings-on.

I'm jealous, I wish I could pick up sticks from my current home and move to Berlin.
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I would recommend CityStay - right in the heart of Mitte near Alexanderplatz and the U-Bahn. My boyfriend used to work there as a cleaner, so we know the place is clean, and the staff are lovely, too ;)
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I stayed in Wombats for four days last summer, and I picked it based on the recommendations from a different AskMe last summer. Staff were wonderful, the place is super clean.

It's in Mitte, within close walking distance to a lot of great places and about two blocks away from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz U-Bahn station. As well, there isn't a maximum age restriction so there were many non-teen tourists.

I ended up in a suite, unintentionally - with a private kitchen and lounging area - for less than the dive hostel I stayed in Copenhagen.

Hope you have a great trip!
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Are you dead set on hostels? It's not clear. In March, 2 friends and I stayed at a place we found via AirBNB and really liked being in a not-so-touristy part of the Mitte.

While you're there (is this what you meant by Any thoughts or advice for Berlin is appreciated!?), Take a free walking tour. It was a ton of walking -- and cold -- but a really worthwhile educational experience.
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Seconding EastSeven. It has a cozy small-scale atmosphere that limits the number of young drunks, and is right in szene-kiez Prenzlauer Berg. I've stayed there three times, then I couldn't leave the city anymore. :)

You may also want to consider CouchSurfing for a more personal experience.
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+1 for Wombats. Stayed there last month, huge clean rooms, friendly staff, free wifi, happy hour. Bonus, it's near Pizzeria i Due Forni Schönhauser Allee 12. Good pizza!
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Response by poster: We ended up with Eastern Comfort, and it was pretty great. Location is fantastic for eating and going out, staff were nice, our room was clean, shower was warm. Even our Berlin friends were impressed with the location and price. Only downside: across the canal there is a club that pumps out thunka-thunka house music until 9 in the morning on the weekends. Since we had to have the window open due to hot weather, this was a little bit of a drag. However, during the week or in closed-window season this wouldn't be an issue (or if you're planning on being out clubbing till dawn!)
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