Apple-Shift-3 not working and Rory is sad :-(
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I'm trying to hotlink a button to take in-game screenshots on my Macbook Pro with Boot Camp running Windows 7. But every application I try seems to miss the game playing entirely! It shows the desktop and other running applications and not the game at all. I've tried MWSnap 3, Screenshot Utility 1.0, and Screenshot Pilot. They all failed. How do I take screenshots of this video game, before I lose my mind?
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I've not used it myself, but I know a lot of people use Fraps.
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Have you tried running the game both in a window and fullscreen? It might make a difference (assuming it allows both). Also, I have used Fraps and it's very good.
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I thought most modern titles had an in-game screenshot function, usually bound to one of the F-keys by default. This one doesn't?
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videogame gfx are usually displayed in a directx layer, which windows screenshot takers are guaranteed to miss. If you can run the game in windowed mode on osx you should be able to make snapshots with mac tools i think.
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Thirding Fraps, but also consider the Steam overlay, which will now allow you to take screenshots.
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In Windows, the "Prt Sc" button takes a grab of the full desktop and puts it in the scratchpad, from which you can paste it using a graphics editor and then save it.

Alt-PrtSc takes a grab of just the active window.

Utilities exist which hook that operation and will automatically store a copy of whatever was grabbed. (One example is Thumbs Plus, which isn't free but does have a free trial. That function is under "Edit" and called "Auto Clip Save".)
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