TF2 server queries?
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Is there a way to tell what specific mods a Team Fortress 2 server is running from the client console?

There's a TF2 server that I would love to know what mods and special settings are running on it so that I can set up my own for practicing, but there's no way to reach the admins to ask them.

Is there any way I can run commands on the console while connected to the server to query it and see what it's running in terms of the exact map name (it's a non-default map), the mods and any special settings (higher damage, low gravity, etc) that may be running on it so that I can replicate that on my practice server?
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Hmmm. I think you can see the server settings("tags") as you browse the sever list? I do this to avoid playing on a "birthday mode" server. This is the server browser...
posted by shino-boy at 12:25 PM on May 2, 2011

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