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I'm on vacation in Portland, Oregon and our lame insurance won't pay for any healthcare. Anyway, there's a $200 deductible. I can go to an urgent care for $200, but was wondering if anyone knows of a pediatrician somewhere that will take walk-ins that might cost a little less than Urgent Care. I know there's a free clinic in Vancouver, but we don't really qualify, although I suppose we could go there and make a large donation.

Our daughter has shown signs of what we thought was a cold, intermittent fever, and now she has puffy allergy face and a rash. Her breathing is fine, but she's been cranky for a couple of days.
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Err, doesn't this sort of sound like you should go to the ER and figure it out later? I'm not trying to be snarky, but this is your daughter.
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Response by poster: We got referred to a place at Washington square and we're taking her there. It's about $120 for a visit. I just thought I'd look around while we got her dressed and waited for everything to open. She doesn't have a fever and her breathing and pulse are fine, she's just sick and pissy.
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Response by poster: Hey, I blew my weekly Mefi question quota on this! If that doesn't show deep love and the ability to sacrifice for my daughter, I don't know what does!
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Actually, kudos to you. Way too many parents take their kids to the ER when they're sick and pissy.
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Best answer: There is the naturopathic medical clinic of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine on SW First Avenue and SW Harrison. They accept walk ins and are able to prescribe medicines (ie antibiotics) if need be...they are very professional and affordable. Plus it would be a quintessential Portland experience to visit a naturopath while on vacation here! This is their number: 503- 552-1551.
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Response by poster: Damn, we just went to the allopaths. Anyway, I will keep the naturopathic reference for future use. It's a good thing we went, she has a strep infection. Thanks for the suggestions!
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