"Amethyst Biomat" - what is the deal?
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"Amethyst Biomat" - what is the deal?

My wife has chronic pain and laid down on a heated pad called an Amethyst Biomat (googling finds many examples, and all rather expensive -- US$1450 for a heated mat 28" x 74" (71.1 x 188cm).

Heating pads like one can buy from a drugstore also help my wife also help my wife, and a heated blanket is not exactly the same thing. What's the deal with the "amethyst mat or biomat?" Googling for the terms brings of many, many sales pitches.

The vexing thing is I can't seem to find simple larger heated mats that would compete with these $1450 monsters. Where can I get a large, heated mat that is not accompanied by sleazy flim-flam?
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Best answer: Glenn Reynolds asked this of his readers a couple of weeks ago. The consensus response was "It's quackery".
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I have a heated throw that I lie on. It's large enough to go from about neck to ankle and gets pretty warm but not burny hot. Technically you're not supposed to lie on top of them, but I am careful not to move around on it.
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FWIW, I just checked McMaster-Carr and found that their price on a 24" by 36" (less than half the size of the doohickey you're asking about) silicone heating mat is $514, so $1450 might not be quite so ridiculous as it seems. Obviously all the negative ion, amethyst crystal crap is pure quackery.
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Best answer: Heated matress pad! My girl loves loves loves hers. Best puchass of 2010. She knows where we got it though, not me. I'll find out.
Ours divides the bed into two separately controlled sides.
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I've seen dual-zone heated mattress pads like the one described by princelyfox at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you're having trouble finding them, check this previous AskME.
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We got ours from The Company Store online.
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You could also go the route of 4 or 5 smaller pads all lined up. That would also allow you to regulate different temps for different areas of the body.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, for the exposure of the flim-flammery, and also the links. Based on tips -- Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad looks like the winner!
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