What gifts should we bring for our Icelandic hosts?
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I'm looking for ideas for gifts to give our Icelandic hosts when I visit (accompanied by 2 friends) this summer.

I am Iceland in July, and will be traveling with 2 friends. We will be spending time with a friend, as well as with his aunt and uncle. What are some gifts we can bring for our hosts? My friend is in his 20s and is a student, I don't know about his aunt and uncle but presumably they are in their 50s or 60s. We are coming from Canada. I am looking for ideas of things that are hard to find in Iceland, or expensive there and cheap in Canada, as well as any hints about Canadian gifts that a person from Iceland might actually like or want.
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Food is very expensive in Iceland and can be somewhat limited in selection.
Consider bringing some very high end specialty foods to make them a nice little feast.
They have many meats and seafood but things like cheese can be expensive and limited.
They allow most foods:
Food: You may bring up to 3kg of food into Iceland, but no raw eggs, raw meat, or milk.
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Everything (except electricity) is incredibly expensive in Iceland, never mind food. Why not e mail them and ask them what they'd like? Second guessing the tastes of people you don't know in a foreign country is impossible and if you're going to spend the money, you might as well get them something they'll really like - as opposed to just pretend to appreciate.
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As a Canadian, it is your duty to bring maple syrup with you wherever you travel in the world. People expect it of you.

(Being Canadian and a maple syrup-hater, I have discovered this through experience.)
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Seconding maple syrup. Best gift idea for Canadian travelers IMHO.
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Yeah, I'm an Icelander and luxury foods are always welcome. Just bringing something in general would be well appreciated. Maple syrup would be welcome, so would chocolate, cheese, wine etc. Little statues or something of that sort would be good too.
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Nth-ing maple syrup; I've probably taken 3-4 litres of the stuff to Denmark in the past year. Somewhat coincidentally, I'll also be in Iceland in mid-July (for my wedding). If you need some extra luggage space, let me know. :)
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Thanks for all the ideas everybody! I usually travel with maple syrup, though not in the order of magnitude of litres...consider me reformed. And the luxury food idea is also a great one. And swillis - congrats and have a great wedding!
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