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I'd like to offload a bunch of vintage 80s toys. Any suggestions for specialist shops that might be interested? I'm in South London, UK.

I have lots of 80s-era toys, mostly Power Rangers, Thundercats, Transformers, etc. They're all in good condition, with even a few boxed, but nothing is mint and perfect. Several of the items are bulky (Castle Greyskull....) and are taking up a lot of space. As a result I'd love to offload all this onto a specialist second hand toy shop and get a bit of money for it (which will be donated to charity).

Does anyone know of any vintage toy or comic or TV-focused shops that might be interested? We went down the eBay route for an earlier batch of mostly Star Wars-focused stuff and though it went very well and raised a lot of money, it was utterly exhausting and is not something to repeat.

Many thanks in advance.
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In the event you don't find a shop (and since Ebay worked before) you might consider making a few larger auctions rather than trying to sell the items one by one. I don't think you'd make much less than if you were to sell the whole lot to a shop.
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