Find me that lazy lout!
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I'm looking for a recording of a song, but I can't find it anywhere, or even who might have recorded it! In Get Up by Chinese Man there's a sample of a song (starts about 20 seconds in). From googling the lyrics I've found the song seems to be called Lazy Lout, but that's pretty much all I can find.

Here are the full lyrics from
When I was young and under ten
A silly wee fool was I
The morning that I left the school
I heard my mother cry

Get up, get out, you lazy lout
Get into your working clothes
Up to your knees in oil and grease
And a grindstone to your nose

I bought me a clock, a pretty good clock
To help me to tell the time
It awakened me every morning
With a very poetic rhyme

I married me a wife, a pretty good wife
And kept her many a year
Come what may, she'd begin each day
By whispering in my ear

Now some get to lie as long as they like
They're luckier men than me
I never get to lie very long
I'm only four foot three
All other results I get when searching for (parts of) the lyrics are from lyrics sites. Some list Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds as the artist, but I'm putting that down to a mistake at some point (and then blindly copied, I'm guessing all copies originate from Mudcat). I get the impression that's an older folk song, but can't find any mentions of recording artists anywhere.

I'd love to hear the whole song and would be very grateful for any help in tracking down a copy. And it doesn't have to be the specific recording sampled by Chinese Man, any recording would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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Final update from the OP:
The song I was looking for was "Get Up, Get Out" by The Weavers. The song is featured on their album "Reunion at Carnegie Hall 1963". You can listen to the full song here.
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