We're tourists in Ireland this June, what should we see?
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We're traveling to Coose, Ireland in June for a few days. What would you suggest we see/do while in the area?
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I am sorry, never heard of Coose, is it somewhere between Gort and autocorrected?
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Not too sure where Coose is, but I hear Waterford [south east] is hosting the 2011 Tall Ships event again at the end of June - I was at it four(?) years ago and it was unforgettable.
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Sorry, who knew - Coose is actually near Gort, in Galway! Can you let us know if you have been to Ireland before, otherwise there is lots to point to in the West. You are also near Lough Derg, so some purgatory may be in order
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The spot we're staying is central west inland on the Shannon river between Gort and Portumna, near the Galway county border. (On preview, I see you found it.)

Hubby has been to Ireland, but not to that area. I am an Ireland newbie, and totally thrilled to be going. We're traveling from the U.S.; I'll be seeing things that make our historical landmarks look like fresh paint.
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How broadly would you define 'in the area'? About an hour away to the east, the Glendine Gap in the Slieve Bloom Mountains is really gorgeous, and it's in the middle of forestry country, very different to the lake and coastal territory you're likely to go from your base. Small towns not exactly full of tourists, probably with traditional music and pubs.

Going to the coast, Lahinch is a popular seaside resort, Doolin is a tiny town with a striking seafront and famous for traditional music, and the Lazy Lobster restaurant was exceptional last time I was there, and Liscannor's Mermaid Cafe (if it's still there?) is lovely, in a small town with lively pubs and a little harbour. You'll barely be able to escape the Burren, but it's amazing and worth a good hike.

Cashel would probably be a good couple-of-hours journey too - the Rock of Cashel is pretty great, though very popular, and Cahir Castle nearby would probably be of interest too.

I'd avoid any temptation to go south towards the Ring of Kerry - you'll be in a tourist vortex instead of seeing all the things you might enjoy around the area you're in, and sometimes it's more rewarding to see a ruin in a field by yourself than to pass through an interpretive centre with dozens of others. Sadly, I could give about a hundred 'tiny local cool things' recommendations for the Mayo side of Galway, but I don't know the Clare side as well.
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I'd say, define "in the area" as somewhere that can be reached via a car, and then returned from, the same day, though we could be up for a two-day jaunt.

"...sometimes it's more rewarding to see a ruin in a field by yourself than to pass through an interpretive centre with dozens of others." YES.

Thank you for the suggestions so far.
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Portumna has a lovely forest park on the shore of Lough Derg, loads of paths - it's nice and quiet. While you're in Portumna, treat yourself to an early-bird dinner (if it's available in the summer) at Dyson's (otherwise it'll cost you a couple of limbs, instead of just one). All their food is sourced as locally as possible, we were told the cow could have walked there (we ate there in February).
Also, further out from Portumna is the beautiful town of Nenagh. I don't know much about it, we were there for about an hour and jet-lagged as hell, but it is lovely- looks like there's an old castle there.
Okay, scratch Nenagh, I just looked at a map and it's on the opposite side of Lough Derg from you.
However, just south of you is the charming town of Mountshannon - they have a park with an incredible maze, I'd love to see it leafed out sometime. There's a bit about it in Wikipedia here.
Hope you have a great time!
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