Catering a Baltimore area wedding
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Do you have recommendations for caterer in the Baltimore, MD area for my sister's wedding?

My sister is getting married in September outside of Baltimore (the location is thanks to some great suggestions from The Internet). There will be approximately 100 guests to feed. She's on a budget but is hoping for a group of good reliable people who can provide tasty food. My sister and her fiance would like there to be at least some BBQ involved. Other than the BBQ requirement, the kind of food is flexible.

There will likely be vegetarian guests, but if there are other dietary restrictions, I'm not aware of them (with 100 people, I'm sure there will be some!).

If you have a recommendation for a Baltimore-area caterer who would be good for my sisters wedding, I'd be eternally grateful.

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If she can have more than one, I highly recommend Andy Nelson's for the BBQ.
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Blume's Catering is a good place to go. The food is great. I just don't know if they would handle plates and silverware. I think that they only deal in paper goods.
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We used Whitehouse Caterers since they were based out of the location we used for our wedding and were pleased with the price and the food.

If you want BBQ, check out Andy Nelson's. I haven't used them for catering, but their food is fantastic.

You might also ask the venue for a list of caterers they have worked with recently. Someone familiar with the location may be able to help the event run smoothly. On a related note, we found that once we found a vendor or two we liked, they were a great source of information about other vendors.

Hope the wedding (and the food) is great!
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I'm so happy to have helped you find a great place for your sister's wedding! I used Hunt Valley Catering (ask for Jim--he lives near the location and is very responsive). They were accepted as outside caterer at the HCC. They were definitely mindful of budget and flexible with vegetarian meals. I do not know if they do bbq, but they were definitely good, reliable people who provided tasty food. We actually had salmon as the entree based on a recipe I provided them with. Memail me if I can be of any more help.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I've passed on the information to my sister and hopefully this will help her find a caterer that she likes.

In other news: I suddenly crave BBQ.
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Update: In true sisterly fashion, my sister ended up going with a caterer not mentioned here, Putting on the Ritz. From my perspective as a guest at the wedding, the staff were both friendly and professional and the food was fine.

I need to find out who did the cake because it was really delicious.
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