Whyfore you play your fiddle, Nero? Burn my Blu-rays!
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What's the best Blu-ray burning software out there?

I pulled the trigger on spending the money to build a new PC. (Sandy Bridge, yea me!) On the list is a Blu-ray burner. I don't plan to burn a lot of them, at least until the media gets cheaper, but I do plan to burn them due to my relationship with a filmmaker.

I went over to newegg to take a look at Nero 10, and the reviews border on vitriol. Nero was always my go-to and I'm not quite sure what to get.

My uses are: drag & drop CDR/DVDR burning for data backup, audio CDs, and basic DVD authoring, and soon basic Blu-ray authoring.

What's the hive mind using?
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I don't have a Blu-Ray burner so I can't test it myself but the freeware ImgBurn is what I use for my CD/DVD data backups and it also supports HD-DVD/Blu-Ray. However, it doesn't support DVD/Blu-Ray authoring, you need a pre-authored image in order to burn a DVD/Blu-Ray Video disc.

If by "best" you mean burning quality, the software itself will have no impact on it (unless it's buggy and/or doesn't support your drive, obviously); burning quality is mainly dependent on the drive/firmware/media combo. What distinguishes most burning apps boils down to supported features and ease of use.
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Response by poster: I guess by best, I mean what is the software people use that gives you no trouble, hopefully for the functions that I use.
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When forced to use a Windows box for general disc burning I always reach for InfraRecorder. Never tried Blu-Ray, but since InfraRecorder uses cdrtools 2.01.01a61 under the hood and cdrtools has supported Blu-Ray since 2.01.01a29 I would expect it to work.

For DVD authoring I've heard good things about StarBurn but have not used it myself. In any case it will cost you nothing but your time to try out.
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Response by poster: I'll give that StarBurn a try, the webpage copy seems to be close to what I'm looking for.

I'm open to other options others may have.
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